PREVIEWSworld Talks with Rinzler and Mayhew on ‘The Star Wars’

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Lot of The Star Wars news coming out today. PREVIEWSworld has an interview with The Star Wars‘ writer, J.W. Rinzler and artist, Mike Mayhew. It also has a log of new artwork including looks at the Death Star, new starfighters and much more.

“The all-new characters add to the story and do things that are unexpected.  For instance, a new rebel agent Klieg Whitsun, teams up with General Luke and Annikin and he is key to their mission.  Also, a new villain, one of the Sith 100, has some major character development and does something a villain has never done in a Star Wars film!” -Mike Mayhew

Click here to check out the full interview and all the art.

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Bleeding Cool Talks ‘The Star Wars’ with Mike Mayhew

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Bleeding Cool posted a really nice interview with The Star Wars artist Mike Mayhew covering the upcoming comic from Dark Horse.

Were there any existing designs to go with the script or are you having to come up with everything fresh? How does your take differ from the feel of the existing series artistically? Do they look like the same universe?

Mike Mayhew: A wealth of pre-existing, pre-STAR WARS designs and info needed to be brought into play in creating the world of THE STAR WARS. If I have the story right, George had Ralph McQuarrie begin to conceptualize concepts from this script around late 1974/early 1975 in order to begin to secure funding for the production. There are dozens of drawing and paintings of I would say half of the characters that gave us a solid foundation. The most familiar ones are what I call the “proto-Jedi” designs that have the bearded warrior with the cape, “lazersword” and “spacesuit” body armor. There were a slew of concepts and passes on R2D2 and C3PO. There were rough concepts on “Sith” warriors. There were several paintings that included the “proto-characters”, most famously a Ralph McQuarrie “movie poster” concept that had General Skywalker, the early droid concepts, a proto “Leia/Luke”, and the early bugged-eyed Chewbacca design that was nicknamed the “bush baby” Wookie. I even had access to some drawings I had never seen before that are really amazing!

Click here to read the full interview which includes some new interior artwork.

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Monday Funny: What Vader Does

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(via Likes)

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Cover Reveal For ‘The Star Wars #2’

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Cover artist Nick Runge has revealed the cover for The Star Wars #2.

Here’s my painted cover for issue 2 of “The Star Wars” from Darkhorse. It’s an 8 issue mini-series based on George Lucas’s original 1974 first draft of the Star Wars screenplay. A lot of things are the same, but many, many things are very different and it offers an interesting take on what “could have been”. I’m the cover artist for the book and I wanted to wait until the official solicitations for this were out before I posted anything. I’ll be honest, some of the covers are stronger than others, so I’ll probably just post my favorites here, but be sure to pick up a copy of this series, starting in Sept.

This is painted with acrylics, airbrush, and colored pencils on illustration board. 20″ x 30″

-Nick Runge

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