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Author John Jackson Miller is stepping away from Star Wars for a bit in order to write a Stark Trek novella for the Star Trek: Titan series. Entitled Absent Enemies, the novella will be published by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books as a digital release.

The Star Trek: Titan series follows Captain William T. Riker. According to John

My own Absent Enemies picks up in the “present day” of the post-NextGen literature timeline — and it is inspired by and in part picks up on the events of one of my favorite TNG episodes. I won’t say which one yet, but for years, I had thought the episode held the potential for another story to be told — and I’m happy to get to do it here. Riker is my favorite character from what I still think of as the “new crew,” and I’ve been greatly enjoying writing him.

I doubt anyone will be surprised that I’ve been a lifelong Trek fan (just as I’ve been a Wars fan, a Whovian, a Marvel Zombie, etc., etc.); in fact, as I’ve mentioned here on the site, the very first prose fiction pitch I had accepted was years ago for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers series, back during my earliest days writing Star Wars comics. That line folded before the story could come to pass, and I ended up using one of the concepts in Pandemonium, the bonus novella in Lost Tribe of the Sith. Many years have disappeared since then, but not my interest; speaking both as a writer and a fan, I’m pleased to finally be writing aTrek novella after all. (And I’m pretty certain there are a lot more electronic readers out there today!) It doesn’t even feel strange to commute between universes — I’m not even the first guy named J.J. to do so!

There’s no release date yet, so we’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available.

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