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TheForce.Net posted an interview with author Troy Denning covering Crucible in some length.

Why did you choose the title Crucible?

Troy Denning: We spent a lot of time talking about titles and trying to figure out what to call the book. I had proposed several different titles and finally Shelly [Shapiro, Del Rey editor] informed me that they had come back with the idea of the title “Crucible” for the story. We all agreed that it fit. It has a couple of different meanings. One was the whole basic melting and re-forging idea, and then also the crucible that you go through as a transition — the idea of changing people. We all agreed that it fit and the only hesitation I had was that I had already used it in the title on a Forgotten Realms book about fifteen years earlier. I guess that kind of shows your age when you’re recycling your titles! I told them that and they were fine with it. We chose it because it really worked on several different levels.

Click here to read the full interview.

Star Wars Action News also conducted an interview with Troy which you can listen to in their latest podcast right here.

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