Hollywood.com Interview with Troy Denning

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Star Wars author Troy Denning was interviewed by Hollywood.com on his new novel Crucible. Troy had some interesting things to say including some comments about the Mortis Monolith and Dave Filoni…

When we last left off, at the end of Fate of the Jedi, Luke and the Jedi had discovered the existence of Mortis, and that’s something that enters into Crucible. Why did you decide to involve Mortis in this new story?

Troy Denning: It came about as an outgrowth of what happened in Apocalypse, when Luke sent ten Knights out to search for the Dagger of Mortis so he could deal with Abeloth in a final showdown. It’s very romantic, like the search for the Lost Grail. Through an intermediary I talked with Dave Filoni about the nature of the monoliths. It was me asking him a few questions about monoliths and then him coming back with an answer. I didn’t want to ignore Mortis, and it intersected with what I was asked to do in this book: to have Han, Luke, and Leia’s last hurrah.

…as well as Star Wars Episode VII.

Was the concept of Crucible being a “passing of the torch” novel affected at all by the announcement of the new movie trilogy?

Troy Denning: The introduction of Episode VII made our understanding of what Crucible was going to be a lot less certain. The original idea was that, yes, this was going to be a “passing of the torch” book in which Luke, Han, and Leia hand off their legacy to the next generation, and begin to stand back and let them take the lead. Then Episode VII comes along and changes everything, because it’s uncertain exactly what’s going to happen to the EU after that. Shelly Shapiro said, “Hey, it’s the EU, we should keep our original intentions for the book.” So it is still a passing of the torch book, we just don’t know what we’re passing the torch to.

Click here to read the full interview. They also have an excerpt from Crucible.

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