The Star Wars Artists of SDCC’s Artist Alley

July 7, 2013 at 12:06 pm | Posted in Art, Conventions, Star Wars | 4 Comments

San Diego Comic Con 2013 will have a ton of things for fans to check out. Among the many highlights, panels and guests are the artist of Artist Alley. Of even more importance for us Star Wars fans are the Star Wars artists who have help bring the stories of the Expanded Universe to life.

To help those who are heading to SDCC find all the Star Wars artist in Artist Alley, we’ve made a complete list and a handy map. Good luck to all the art and autograph hunters!

  • Brent E. Anderson AA-20 (cover artist for Marvel Star Wars #64, penciller for Chewbacca #1)
  • Alex Buechel EE-07
  • Justin Chung GG-07
  • Katie Cook HH-17
  • Joe Corroney GG-08
  • Carlos D’Anda CC-05 (artist for Star Wars: In The Shadow of Yavin)
  • Tony Dezuniga HH-01 (inker for The Keeper’s World, cover artist for Marvel Star Wars #7-9, #11)
  • Gabe Eltaeb EE-11 (colorist for Star Wars #1-7)
  • Mick Gray FF-03 (cover artist for Starfighter: Crossbones)
  • Sanford Greene FF-22 (penciller for Star Wars Tales 13: “Puzzle Peace”)
  • Scott Harben GG-04
  • Tom Hodges GG-01
  • Mark Irwin FF-24 (inker for Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin)
  • Benton Jew DD-23 (storyboard artist for The Phantom Menace)
  • Lee Kohse GG-05
  • Joey Mason CC-09 (penciller and colorist for Star Wars Tales 16: “Best Birthday Ever”)
  • Christopher Moeller II-22 (artist for Battle of the Bounty Hunters, cover artist for Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith #0)
  • Todd Nauck II-02 (penciller for Star Wars Tales 15: “Falling Star”)
  • Dan Parsons BB-02 (inker for Jedi, Republic, Legacy, Knights of the Old Republic, The Clone Wars, The Will of Darth Vader)
  • Whilce Portacio HH-19 (inker for Marvel Star Wars #107)
  • Bill Pulkovski II-19
  • David Rabbitte II-18
  • Livio Ramondelli CC-16 (cover artist for Legacy Volume 2 #6 and #7)
  • Cat Staggs GG-02
  • Phillip Tan AA-05 (artist for West End Games The DarkStryder Campaign)
  • John Van Fleet II-23
  • Joe Weems II-04 (inker for Republic #53)
  • Dave Wilkins EE-23 (cover artist for Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #1, Knights of the Old Republic: War #1, Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison)
  • Sarah Wilkinson GG-03

Updates: thanks go to Bill Pulkovski for spotting the additional artists!

Star Wars Jeff Carlisle will now be in Artist Alley as well! He’ll be sharing a table with Cat Staggs at GG-02. Jeff mentioned that Cat will also be a Booth 5006.

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  1. You missed some…

    Alex Buechel EE-07
    Scott Harben GG-04
    Lee Kohse GG-05
    Bill Pulkovski II-19
    David Rabbitte II-18
    Sarah Wilkinson GG-03

  2. Thanks! I’ll get them added in.

  3. I just worked on the Star Wars Galactic Files 2 set but I’m over in Small Press N04 Zorilita-Mary Bellamy.

  4. Spencer Brinkerhoff III will be there too but not in artist alley he will be at a booth.

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