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Bombad Radio: Episode 84 includes two guests, Star Wars fanfic writer David Gremillion and stuntman, actor and choreographer Eric Jacobus. The first half with David Gremillion was…interesting. David has some harsh opinions on The Clone Wars that kind of rubbed me wrong, though everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In short order, David was not a fan of what they did with Darth Maul. His discussion segment primarily focuses on the two fanfic books he wrote which completely redid the prequels in a light of his imagining. Honestly, it wasn’t a discussion I had any investment in and it didn’t catch my interest. After that segment, the episode shifts to a review of the book Darth Plagueis. Since the book has been out for a while, it wan’t a review I was really interested in.

At this point, the episode was running really long, but there was a nice payoff at the end when they got to the interview with Eric Jacobus. Personally, I’d recommend skipping right to it. It was cool to hear him talk about his work, the movies he’s done and his opinions on action films. Plus he discussed a series of fan videos he’s doing which present Darth Vader from a first person perspective in various lightsaber fights. The series is called Vader Strikes Back and it’s on Youtube. They’ve got a kickstarter to raise money for more.

Coffee with Kenobi: Has a special edition episode covering Star Trek Into Darkness. The episode has major spoilers for the movie, so if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll want to skip it. I didn’t find myself agreeing with them too much. Personally, I really enjoyed the movie. They gave it a 3/5. While reviewing Star Trek, they did try to make some predictions on how elements might show up in Star Wars Episode VII and their general opinions on Abrams. Unless you’re really interested in a Star Trek Into Darkness review, this is an episode you might want to skip.

Full of Sith: Episode XXVIII features hosts Mike, Bryan and Consetta as they discuss some Star Wars Episode VII rumors and some listener feedback on Return of the Jedi. Plus there are three author interviews at the end with Michael A. Stackpole, Aaron Allston and Timothy Zahn all conducted at Origins Game Fair 2013.

Geek Sentinel: Episode 16 is actually a very interesting episode, especially for a podcast that isn’t a Star Wars podcast. For this episode they talked with Brian Stillman who did a documentary on Star Wars collectors and their collections. Brian has some really cool stuff to say about collecting , Star Wars toys and his talks with the people who actually created and designed the toys. Anyone who has any interest in Star Wars toys or collecting will definitely want to give this episode a listen.

Rebel Force Radio: The June 21, 2013 Episode includes special guest David Collins as they discuss the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Europe II, Ewok lederhosen, Smuggler’s Gambit and more. Jimmy Mac and Jason then cover the Emmy wins for Star Wars: The Clone Wars with some audio clips. The show wraps up with an interview with Dave Filoni who manages to skirt around any reveals but it’s still worth listening to.

Star Wars Minute: This is a fun podcast I just started listening to that has a pretty cool focus – covering the Star Wars movies one minute at a time. Each episode focuses on the next minute of the film while the three hosts (two regulars and one guest host that rotates) discuss it. On the surface, it sounds like it could be boring because who really wants to hear three people going into that much detail about the movies? But surprisingly, it’s very entertaining, and they keep the episodes brief so they don’t get bogged down on any one point.

Episode 15 covers the scene were the droids are in the Jawa sandcrawler and features a fun discussion on each of the droids scene onboard: CZ, R4, the power droid and the Death Star droid. They even talk a little about Gonk cosplay.

Episode 16 dives into dewback wrangling as the sandtroopers ride in on their dewbacks in the hunt for the missing droids.

Episode 17 includes “Pete” the Jawa, the droid sale, and some fun discussion of the Star Wars early bird toy special and Jawa height discrimination.

They’re all fun, quick listens and I give them a big thumbs up.

Star Wars Report: Episode 93 is a very short episode with just hosts Mark and Riley. They discuss some Star Wars encounters in real life, Episode VII rumors and the casting call.

The Sarlacc Pit: Episode 64 includes guest host Mark Newbold. They cover a little bit about Mark, his appearances on BBC News talking Star Wars and Episode VII, as well as Star Wars: Rebels. The episode ends with a long discussion on the Return of the Jedi audio drama. The audio is a little rough in the podcast with some of the hosts hard to hear and others a little too loud at times (like they were too close to the mic). Kind of a mixed episode, overall. I enjoyed hearing about Mark but I wasn’t very interested in the audio drama discussion.

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