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ForceCast: Episode 257 is worth noting because they have a good interview with The Clone Wars composer Kevin Kiner. The interview is done by Spencer Brinkerhoff and Eric Geller. It covers some of the same ground as last week’s Full of Sith interview with Kevin, but goes on a bit longer and with a little more depth. No huge revelations. When asked directly about the number of bonus content episode, Kevin slyly said that there were more than five, which could be a careful backpedal from the 10 episodes mentioned in the Full of Sith interview. It’s worth listening to if you’re a TCW fan, just skip to 29:37.

Full of Sith: Episode XXVII has an awesome interview with Corey Dee Williams. Corey revealed that he was a big fan of sci-fi when he was growing up, watching Lost in Space and Star Trek. He saw Star Wars when he was 17 and he talked about what it was like when his dad, Billy Dee Williams, told him he was going to be in The Empire Strikes Back. Corey also talked about his work in Return of the Jedi as a stand in for his dad, playing Klaatu, the numerous injuries that happened during the sarlacc scene, and a whole lot more. A must listen to episode.

Rebel Force Radio: the June 14, 2013 episode includes an interview with Michael Price, the writer for LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles which included some cool stories and inside info. For instance, Michael revealed that we’ll be seeing Cad Bane somewhere in the next two episodes which should be out sometime in the fall and late this year. Jason and Jimmy also cover the news and the incident Peter Mayhew had with the TSA and his lightsaber cane.

Secrets of Star Wars: Episode 002 dives into some speculation on what fans might see concerning the story of Star Wars Episode VII. Some of the conjecture is safe bets: an opening crawl, the music, C-3PO and R2, while other ideas spring off into pure fancy. With so little known about the sequel trilogy, there isn’t a lot of solid ground to speculate on, but the hosts make a good go of it. They also cover some recent interviews J.J. Abrams has done and how his style might affect the upcoming Star Wars films. It’s a pretty decent episode and a show worth keeping an eye on.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 396 pretty much focuses on toy and collectible news. Arnie and Marjorie talk about the packaging for Hasbro’s Black Series, Johnathan provides some toy updates and Steve the Gingerprince talks about his trip to Collectormania.

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