Movie News: ‘Independence Day 2’ Gets a Release Date; ‘X-Men’ and ‘Planet of the Apes’ Switch

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urlThe long anticipated Independence Day sequel is finally coming, with director Roland Emmerich on board as well. The film was confirmed by 20th Century Fox, with a projected release date of July 3rd, 2015. No word yet on whether any of the original cast, including Will Smith, will be back. It certainly looks like Summer 2015 is going to be a big one.

Also in related news, the release dates for X-Men: Days of Future Past and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes have switched and are now as follows: Days of Future Past is to be released on May 23rd, 2014, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is to be released on July 18th, 2014.

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Robert Downey Jr To Appear in Avengers 2 + 3

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Since the release of Iron Man 3 there has been much speculation about the fate of Robert Downey Jr in the Marvel franchise. Reports swirled over whether or not Downey Jr would again appear as the much beloved Iron Man, but today it has been announced that the actor has signed on for two more Marvel movies- Marvel’s The Avengers 2 and.

No word yet on whether or not Robert Downey Jr will again appear in another solo outing as Marvel’s most profitable superhero. Marvel’s The Avengers 2 comes out May 1st, 2015.

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Movie Review- ‘Man of Steel’

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urlLet me start off by saying, overall, I enjoyed Man of Steel. It was well acted, had impressive visuals, an excellent score by Hans Zimmer, and was quite a fun ride. That being said, I went into this movie with an unfair expectation that – since the story was created by Christopher Nolan and produced by him – that it would be on par with Nolan’s Batman reboot, Batman Begins. In that respect, it wasn’t quite up there, and that damaged my view of the film

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Mark Hamill Heading to CEII

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And now for the big guest news, Mark Hamill is heading to Star Wars Celebration Europe II!

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Podcasts in Review

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ForceCast: Episode 257 is worth noting because they have a good interview with The Clone Wars composer Kevin Kiner. The interview is done by Spencer Brinkerhoff and Eric Geller. It covers some of the same ground as last week’s Full of Sith interview with Kevin, but goes on a bit longer and with a little more depth. No huge revelations. When asked directly about the number of bonus content episode, Kevin slyly said that there were more than five, which could be a careful backpedal from the 10 episodes mentioned in the Full of Sith interview. It’s worth listening to if you’re a TCW fan, just skip to 29:37.

Full of Sith: Episode XXVII has an awesome interview with Corey Dee Williams. Corey revealed that he was a big fan of sci-fi when he was growing up, watching Lost in Space and Star Trek. He saw Star Wars when he was 17 and he talked about what it was like when his dad, Billy Dee Williams, told him he was going to be in The Empire Strikes Back. Corey also talked about his work in Return of the Jedi as a stand in for his dad, playing Klaatu, the numerous injuries that happened during the sarlacc scene, and a whole lot more. A must listen to episode.

Rebel Force Radio: the June 14, 2013 episode includes an interview with Michael Price, the writer for LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles which included some cool stories and inside info. For instance, Michael revealed that we’ll be seeing Cad Bane somewhere in the next two episodes which should be out sometime in the fall and late this year. Jason and Jimmy also cover the news and the incident Peter Mayhew had with the TSA and his lightsaber cane.

Secrets of Star Wars: Episode 002 dives into some speculation on what fans might see concerning the story of Star Wars Episode VII. Some of the conjecture is safe bets: an opening crawl, the music, C-3PO and R2, while other ideas spring off into pure fancy. With so little known about the sequel trilogy, there isn’t a lot of solid ground to speculate on, but the hosts make a good go of it. They also cover some recent interviews J.J. Abrams has done and how his style might affect the upcoming Star Wars films. It’s a pretty decent episode and a show worth keeping an eye on.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 396 pretty much focuses on toy and collectible news. Arnie and Marjorie talk about the packaging for Hasbro’s Black Series, Johnathan provides some toy updates and Steve the Gingerprince talks about his trip to Collectormania.

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The Crucible Spoiler Contest

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Yesterday we posted that author Troy Denning is holding a spoiler contest for his upcoming Star Wars book, Crucible. The rules are pretty simple: post a fake spoiler for Crucible (no real spoilers allowed!) and whoever gets the most likes on their make believe spoiler gets an autographed copy of Crucible. Participants have until Friday around 8 or 10 PM CDT to enter. Since it’s a matter of votes, the sooner you enter, the better your chances are.

To help give readers an idea of who to vote for, we’ve collected some of our favorites below, but you can read them all here and here (as there are now two official entry posts).

From the first post

Jason Spieth: The true protagonist of the story is a Mandalorian dressed in fabulous armor who is a fine judge and purveyor of choice intoxicants. Continue Reading The Crucible Spoiler Contest…

Lightsaber Combat and the Sword of the Jedi

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Star Wars author Troy Denning provided some interesting discussion on Facebook. The question posed to him was what form of lightsaber combat would Jaina Solo be most likely to use. Troy’s answer delved into some pretty good depth and it’s worth reposting.

Also, quick question–Which form of lightsaber combat would you think Jaina most likely to use? My thoughts were since she had a standard, single-blade that she either used Form III (like Obi-Wan), Form IV (like Yoda and Qui-Gon) or Form V (like Anakin Skywalker). The post-ROTJ novels don’t expand that much on lightsaber combat, so I just wondered what your thoughts on this would be.

Troy Denning: Well . . . I’m of the Bruce Lee school of thought here, that the best style of martial arts is no style — that is, that a master practitioneer matches his/her style to the situation. That’s the way I’ve written Jaina in the recent past, and the style that I see her employing now. If pressed, I’d say that Jaina’s home form is Juyo (VII), and that she’d slip into Shien (V) if Juyo wasn’t working and she didn’t see an obvious weakness that suggested another form.

From my understanding Juyo had the potential to push its wielder to the dark side, and the only light sider who mastered it was Mace Windu, and it was renamed Vaapad. His Padawan who learnt it slipped to the dark side.

Troy Denning: Yeah, that’s what it says in “The Essential Guide to the Force.” But we’re working on the edge of forward continuity with Jaina, and she’s had her bout with the dark side and overcome it. To my way of thinking, she’s quite capable of controlling her emotions (that’s what Invincible was about) and, as the Sword of the Jedi, more than a match for the physical and mental challenges of Juyo. Plus, she’s wise enough not to be teaching Juyo to apprentices!

On the other hand, I don’t see her using Juyo like Mace did — with the “dark side loop.” She’s more than capable of allowing her emotions to feed her strength, and of exulting in the physical aspects of combat (see Chapter Ten of Apocalypse, and pretty much any her action scenes there). But she doesn’t embrace her darkness the way Mace did in Shatterpoint — I guess that’s why I didn’t call it Vaapad.

And, to tell the truth, I’m not sure how much the modern Jedi think of lightsaber combat in terms of the whole Forms paradigm, anyway. I don’t refer to the forms in my books mostly because I don’t want to bog down casual readers with too much esoteric detail (and stopping to explain that stuff can really kill an action scene). But, also, I have big doubts about assuming that the modern Jedi teach combat skills using the same system as the Old Republic Jedi. Even if they have access to the details of the program, they do a LOT of things differently, so I would think they viewed the different forms a bit more organically, as parts of a whole. Again, going back to the Bruce Lee comparison, I think they would strive to have a “style of no-style.”

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Bye Bye Mary Jane Watson

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urlNews broke today, hot on the heels of the announcement that Sony will be going forward with both The Amazing Spider Man 3 and 4, that Shailene Woodley, who filmed scenes as Peter Parker’s love interest Mary Jane Watson, has been cut from the film. Director Marc Webb revealed that he wanted to streamline the story, and focus on Peter Parker’s relationship with Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider Man sequel. This would mean Mary Jane’s introduction in the 3rd film, and it was reported that the role would most likely be recast, and that Woodley would not make an appearance.

This news adds more heavily to the theory that the studio will go forward in the sequel with one  of the most memorable Spider Man arcs- where Gwen Stacy is killed. I, for one, in a desire to see more of Emma Stone’s portrayal of the character, hope they do not.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 is set to be released on May 4th, 2014.

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