‘Five By Five’ Gets a Sequel

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Kevin J. Anderson and Aaron Allston have revealed some news lately on a sequel to their sci-fi anthology Five By Five. Simply called Five By Five 2 right now, the new anthology will feature five sci-fi stories by five different authors. For Star Wars fans, the extra cool factor is that most of the authors are Star Wars authors. The lineup for Five By Five 2 includes authors: Kevin J. Anderson, Aaron Allston, William C. Dietz, R.M. Meluch and Brad R. Torgersen. According to Kevin, it should be out in about a month.

If you haven’t read the first anthology yet, it’s now available in paperback, digital and audiobook formats. It’s a really good read and has one of the best Allston stories I’ve ever read (click here to read our review). For Five By Five 2, Aaron will be continuing his story with “Coffee Black Sea”.

“Coffee Black Sea” continues the story of the Dollgangers from “Big Plush.” Bow, BeeBee, and others grapple with the question of ‘ganger survival on… and off… their world. -Aaron Allston

Aaron also mentioned that Five By Five 2 will be the first follow-up in what will now be a series, which is very cool to hear. As always, we’ll keep you updated as new news comes out.

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