Star Wars Episode VII Rumor from Schmoes Know!!

June 11, 2013 at 2:42 am | Posted in Episode VII, Movies, News, Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars News | 3 Comments
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Schmoes Knowbanner_1160_3 might have the coolest scoop in the biz right now if this turns out to be legit about Episode VII. It seems that Luke Skywalker will have two padawans to train… Jacen and Jaina Solo!!! But the goodness of this rumor doesn’t stop there, oh no, it seems the focus could be on Jacen as he falls to the dark side, dun dun dun!! There’s a little more as well, so check out the link above for all the details!!

So some fun fuel to add to the debates as we ramp up for filming… in 6 months.  Personally I would have rather seen Jaina turn to the dark side, but who knows maybe things will change? It may take a few pushes of the refresh button to get the page to load, evidently Star Wars news is HUGE right now.

Posted by Cory for Roqoo Depot


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  1. Come on, guys. This is CLEARLY fake. There’s no way it’s true. I can’t believe you guys are actually buying this.

  2. We never stated it as fact or endorsed it, simply reporting a rumor.

  3. Exactly what skuldren said. It’s a rumor, I reported it that way and I will do it again and again.

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