Darth Plagueis is coming!!

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BlackSeriesSpyReport02As revealed on Jedi Temple Archives today it definitely appears that a Darth Plagueis action figure is coming from Hasbro!!  Now JTA did something unique with this reveal, they waited until they hits 4000 likes on Facebook.  So if you want to get more exclusives like this from JTA head over to their Facebook page and give them a like, and while you are there like our page as well!!

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Mike Mayhew on ‘The Star Wars’

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Comic artist Mike Mayhew made some interesting comments on Twitter regarding the new upcoming series The Star Wars.

Mike Mayhew: “pulling out my Hal Foster PRINCE VALIANT Fantagraphics volumes as I layout the 1st scenes of THE STAR WARS #3.  Maybe my fave comics ever.”

Mike Mayhew: “Each panel, on 8-9 panel pages, gives more spectacle & scope than any modern double page spread.”

Mike Mayhew: “THE STAR WARS is going to pack a lot of story on every page. The story is dense proven in the fact that stuff from all 6 movies are in it!”

In addition to that, Mike has also posted some of the uncolored artwork for The Star Wars #1 . You can check out the comparisons between the black and white pages to the colored pages below.

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Darth Vader TIE Fighter at CEII

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If you’re heading to Star Wars Celebration Europe II, be sure to check out the 1:2 scale Darth Vader TIE Advanced x1 starfighter. Project X1 was created by 501st Legion German Garrison members ID-7668, TI-5860 and TD-4069, along with Marco Russe, Thomas Schulze, Claus-Dieter Schade, Tanja Hartmann, Carsten Humrich and Paul-Stephan Schröder. The video below gives a cool look at the project (though it’s in German).

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