Star Wars Reads Panel at BEA 2013

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For everyone who was not able to attend the Book Expo America 2013 Star Wars panel, the video is up online. It has a short skit from William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, a hoola hooping Leia, and at the 00:15:30 mark, trivia with authors Jason Fry and Matthew Reinhart. Audiobook narrator Marc Thompson comes on at the 33 minute mark to voice a scene from Troy Denning’s Crucible where Leia, Han and Lando get blown up by an asteroid. The panel finishes with a video for Star Wars Reads Day with clips of Timothy Zahn, Ryder Windham, Chris Reiff, Matthew Reinhart, James Luceno, Jeffrey Brown, John Jackson Miller, Jason Fry, and Pablo Hidalgo from Star Wars Celebration VI (which starts at the 41 minute mark).

And speaking of Star Wars Reads Day, a few Star Wars celebrities have already confirmed their participation and where they’ll be at.

  • Star Wars artists Chris Trevas, Joe Corroney and Brian Rood will be in Ann Arbor, MI (via Facebook)
  • Star Wars author Timothy Zahn will be in Portland, OR (via Facebook)
  • Star Wars authors Martha Wells and Aaron Allston will be in Austin, TX (via Martha Wells’ blog)
  • Star Wars author John Jackson Miller will be in Madison, WI (via Facebook)
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Around the Web

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The big news this was the announcement of a new Star Wars book in The Jedi Path/The Book of Sith line that will focus on the bounty hunters. Called The Bounty Hunter Code: From the File of Boba Fett, this deluxe edition comes in the shape of a briefcase, includes extra goodies and covers info on bounty hunting with notes from the pros like Boba, Dengar, Bossk and more. Idle Hands posted a really nice write up with lots of pictures, plus Amazon has it up for pre-order. Unlike the previous books in this series, Daniel Wallace will be joined by two other authors: Ryder Windham and Jason Fry. The book is certainly in good hands.

LucasBooks editor Jen Heddle has also been tweeting a lot of lit news lately. She’s been reading the manuscripts for Maul: Lockdown by Joe Schreiber and The Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler. Some fun notes about The Star Wars: there’s a pilot character called Mace and Leia has a brother named Windy. Definitely going to be an interesting read. Continue Reading Around the Web…

James S.A. Corey Reddit Chat

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Authors James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) did a reddit chat yesterday that covered a lot of ground, including some Star Wars questions on Empire and Rebellion: Honor Among Thieves.

How much can you say about the Han Solo book? In what time frame does it take place? Would you say there is any single big concept that differentiates the Star Wars universe from The Expanse?

James S.A. Corey: The Han Solo book is set between New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Hyperspace, the Force, aliens that all seem to have the same nutritional and atmospheric needs, the list is fairly endless.

Click here to read the entire chat.

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Why Should You Read ‘A Discourse In Steel’?

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Paul S. Kemp’s latest fantasy novel, A Discourse in Steel, comes out later this month. Paul has posted his final excerpt from the book to whet readers’ appetites (along with links to the other excerpts). And if you haven’t made up you mind on whether you should buy A Discourse in Steel or not, Paul has ten reasons why you should.

10.  Purchasing the novel grants you twenty-five temporary hit points, and those extra hit points will give you the edge you need to defeat your longtime nemesis, the super villain, Doctor Manuel Rodriquez Sans Pants.  Because seriously – that brother needs to put on some pants or else pay the price for his unwelcome floppiness.

9.  The book is already receiving excellent reviews. See ‘em? And that’s before it’s even released.  Ergo, we can safely conclude that the book travels through time.  If you buy it, you also may be able to travel through time. Now, I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a time-traveling companion as attractive as her, or him, or her, or him (ignore him; not really attractive), but you won’t know unless you buy it. Will you? Will you? WILL YOU?

Click here to read all ten reason, they’ll certainly make you laugh.

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Aaron Allston Can See Now!

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For those who didn’t know, Aaron Allston has had some serious eye problems lately to the point of being legally blind. I met Aaron at Star Wars Celebration VI and was dismayed when I learned just how bad his vision was. However, there’s good news as Aaron posted this week that his vision has improved tremendously after cataract surgery. In Aaron’s own words…

“As I was being driven home from surgery, I could read speed limit signs, which I hadn’t been able to make out in years…I’ve been finding things I’ve lost in my house across the last few year…My writing productivity is up, and at my next follow-up appointment, my uncorrected vision was tested at somewhere between 20/60 and 20/50. I can once again fully enjoy So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, and bitmaps of Salma Hayek. Yep, life is good.”

We here at Roqoo Depot are very glad to hear the good news. You can check out Aaron’s entire blog post here which also contains a list of all the books and stories Aaron is currently working on. Fans in the Columbus, Ohio area will want to stop by Origins Game Fair next week as Aaron, Timothy Zahn and Michael A. Stackpole will all be there and they’ll have some exclusive fiction available only at the con.

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New Release: ‘STALAG-X’

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The new Kevin J. Anderson sci-fi comic STALAG-X is out this week from Gestalt Comics and features cover art by Dave Dorman. You can check out the trailer for the comic here (fair warning, it does contain some brief nudity). You can also get a preview of some of the interior pages here on Graphicly or download a full digital copy of issue #1 for a $1.99.

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Heroes Convention 2013

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Heroes Convention 2013 kicks off today in Charlotte, NC and runs June 7 through 9th. Star Wars guests include comic artist Stephane Roux (Agent of the Empire), Wizards of the Coast artist Kalman Andrasofszky, comic artist Peter Bagge (Star Wars Tales), artist Tommy Lee Edwards (The Essential Guide to Warfare), cover artist Adam Hughes (Legacy), inker Mark Irwin (Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin), artist Brian Kong, artist Mark McHaley, inker Andrew Pepoy (Tales of the Jedi), cover artist Joe Quinones (Knight Errant), artist Allison Sohn, artist Cat Staggs, artist Ben Templesmith (Star Wars Tales). You can check out all the details on their official site.

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Happy Birthday, Liam Neeson

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Today we wish a happy birthday to actor Liam Neeson who turns 61 today.

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