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Here are this week’s Star Wars podcasts in review.

501stCast: Episode 73 includes mission reports from the 501st Legion as well as special guest Trey Stokes, the man behind the Pink 5 saga. There’s also a nice clip of Midwest Garrison’s appearance on WGN radio in Chicago. One piece of news this episode brought to my attention that I had no clue of was that Mara Jade model Shannon McRandle is currently battling cancer. Our thoughts and best wishes certainly go out to her. Be sure to check out their show notes as they include a lot of cool links to photos, videos, upcoming events and various websites.

Full of Sith: Episode XXV has hosts Mike and Bryan speaking with Travis Beacham, the writer of the upcoming Summer blockbuster Pacific Rim. Travis shares his love of Star Wars, movie monsters, how he ended up writing Pacific Rim and how he ended up writing the prequel comic for the movie. If you’re excited about Pacific Rim, you’ll want to give this one a listen. It’s a quick episode, but there’s some good stuff in it.

Also out this week from Full of Sith is a Special Episode with Greg Weisman, a member of the production team for Star Wars: Rebels, the newly announced television series. Greg talks a little about the show, his meeting with Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg and Pablo Hidalgo, and knocking out the first season of the show. It’s a nicer little teaser that adds to the anticipation for what’s to come.

Jedi Journals: The June 2013 Episode is out and covers all the Star Wars literature news for comics, books and magazines. Kyle Newman hangs out with the team for almost the entire episode, which was cool because Kyle shared some of his opinions on the books and comics. In this episode they also discuss Scoundrels a little bit but without any spoilers. Couple items worth noting: the audiobook of Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void includes audio for John Ostrander’s short story “Eruption”, and Warwick Davis will be the special guest editor of Star Wars Insider #143, so expect lots of extra fun and highlights. Toward the end of the episode, Star Wars Insider editor Jonathan Wilkins joins the hosts for some discussion of the current edition and what’s to come. Overall, a really good podcast with lots of content.

Rebel Force Radio: May 31, 2013 Episode starts off with special guests Kyle Newman and Jamie King as they discuss Kyle’s fan documentary The Return of Return of the Jedi as well as Return of the Jedi in general. Kyle shares some pretty cool insights into Luke and Vader’s journeys in ROTJ. Afterwards Steve Sansweet drops in and Jason and Jimmy talk to him about Rancho Obi-wan, Celebration Europe II and collectibles. Ewoks is a common theme throughout the episode and gets a huge thumbs up from me. Plus Grant Gould rounds out the episode with some fun comments including a rumor that George Lucas is a big Jaina Solo fan.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 394 covers a rundown of current headlines and collectible news plus full coverage of the Star Wars art prints currently available on Acme Archives and Entertainment Earth. They also discuss pre-orders for Hasbro’s upcoming Black series, LEGO minifig exclusives, the Sideshow Black Hole Stormtrooper and new Diamond Select banks.

Star Wars Book Worms: Episode 6 covers reviews of Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison and Knight Errant: Escape. Both reviews have lots of spoilers, so if you haven’t read either comic series, you’ll want to avoid this episode. For both reviews, they have special guest Josh Stolte.

Star Wars Report: Episode 92 covers Star Wars: Rebels with hosts Riley, Bethany, Mark and Nathan. There’s a lot of discussion on canon and continuity and whether they think Episode VII and Star Wars: Rebels should worry about it or not. After the episode, they do a bonus episode which includes a discussion about Star Trek Into Darkness and goes into spoilers. One topic in particular was Riley dislike of a certain underwear scene.

Temple Archives (aka Star Wars Book Report): Episode 70 includes special guest host Jen (from R2 in 22) as they review Timothy Zahn’s Scoundrels complete with spoilers. If you haven’t read it yet, they do give a heads up before they drop the spoilers. I found it interesting that all three hosts, Jesse, Wayne and Jen, were in agreement that while Scoundrels was a good book, it wasn’t a great book. Many of the flaws they pointed out were ones I entirely agree with. The novel really could have used more character depth. Regardless, after the review, Jesse and Wayne interview Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void author Tim Lebbon which turned out really well and it definitely worth checking out. If you’re avoiding Scoundrels spoilers, you can skip to 00:58:42 to jump right to the interview.

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