Interview with Randy Stradley

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Club Jade has a really nice interview with comic writer and Dark Horse V.P. Randy Stradley covering Dark Times and of course K’Kruhk.

Jawajames: The Fire Carrier story arc of Dark Times brought back a favorite character, Master K’Kruhk, who we hadn’t seen in a while — what was it like getting to continue his storyline into the era of the Empire?

Randy Stradley: Well, since I created K’Kruhk (he first appeared as a Padawan in the pre-Episode I series Jedi Council: Acts of War), it has always been fun to get back to him — especially as he has gone on to such a long and illustrious career. But the Fire Carrier arc is something I knew had to happen right after I finished writing Dark Times: Parallels. I knew I couldn’t just leave K’Kruhk and his younglings on a jungle moon somewhere. I had been trying for some years to get a “hidden temple” story off the ground, but it could never quite come together. This arc provided me with the chance to put K’Kruhk in a hidden temple — someplace where it would make sense that he might sit out the Rebellion and its aftermath. There’s a story to be told about why he eventually leaves the safety and seclusion of Arkinnea, and what happens to his Padawans. But the Star Wars galaxy is vast, and there’s nearly a hundred and fifty years between Fire Carrier and when K’Kruhk needs to show up in the Legacy era.

Click here to read the full interview. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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Official Nokia Man of Steel Trailer

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Official Nokia Exclusive Man of Steel trailer teasing us with even more.  As if I already didn’t want to see this movie, this clinched the deal.



(via Nokia)

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Paranoia Trailer

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paranoiaI have no idea if this Liam Hemsworth film is going to be a good movie, but I’d watch it just to see Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman chew the scenery.  The plot revolves around corporate espionage, and it’s based on the book by Joseph Finder.

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Podcasts in Review

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Here are this week’s Star Wars podcasts in review.

501stCast: Episode 73 includes mission reports from the 501st Legion as well as special guest Trey Stokes, the man behind the Pink 5 saga. There’s also a nice clip of Midwest Garrison’s appearance on WGN radio in Chicago. One piece of news this episode brought to my attention that I had no clue of was that Mara Jade model Shannon McRandle is currently battling cancer. Our thoughts and best wishes certainly go out to her. Be sure to check out their show notes as they include a lot of cool links to photos, videos, upcoming events and various websites.

Full of Sith: Episode XXV has hosts Mike and Bryan speaking with Travis Beacham, the writer of the upcoming Summer blockbuster Pacific Rim. Travis shares his love of Star Wars, movie monsters, how he ended up writing Pacific Rim and how he ended up writing the prequel comic for the movie. If you’re excited about Pacific Rim, you’ll want to give this one a listen. It’s a quick episode, but there’s some good stuff in it. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Happy Birthday, Daniel Logan

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Today we wish a happy birthday to the young Boba Fett, Daniel Logan, who turns 26 today.

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