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For those who missed out, you can check out our recap of the Jason Fry Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide Twitter chat below.

Jason Fry: Always been a Star Wars fan; started writing for Star Wars Insider as a hobby while working for The Wallstreet Journal. It grew from there!

What is it like being immortalized as a Star Wars Expanded Universe character?

JF: Does being “Unnamed Hyperspace Scout 1” count as immortality? Ha. No, it’s awesome — thrill for me and Daniel Wallace.

JF: Daily journalism helped me as an Star Wars author, though. Gotta write clearly, hit deadlines, be flexible and be part of a team.

JF: Re CW, I’d done Star Wars Insider and RPG stuff. DK turned to me for first visual guide. Fun to do since it came before film/series.

Was the book complete before the The Clone Wars announcement by Disney? If no, why aren’t “bonus” episodes included?

JF: No, book wrapped before announcement. Plus physical books demand really long lead times. We barely made it as it was.

JF: Re bonus content, guide wrapped too late to include it. I don’t know more than anyone else does. Waiting very eagerly for news! But would be great to cover The Clone Wars bonus content in same format as Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide somehow.

JF: That’s not my call, but I’d love to do it. Maybe as a PDF or something a la The Making of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith book. Will keep ears open & do my best!

JF: The Clone Wars vs. films — with show, tried not to spoil episodes. Set up climax, didn’t give away end. Some fans still haven’t watched em all. You wouldn’t do that with the Star Wars films, where the big reveals are part of general fan knowledge and even pop culture.

What are some of your favorite The Clone Wars episodes?

JF: I’ll give you THREE favorite Clone Wars episodes: “Innocents of Ryloth” (season one), “Bounty” (season 4), and “The Lawless.” (season 5). “Innocents” is just superb, big-hearted storytelling from Henry Gilroy, with the characters making the episode work. “Bounty” is great character turn for Asajj, and IMHO most arresting and stylish episode in terms of visuals. Plus Highsinger RULES. And “The Lawless” is so rich between Obi-Wan and Satine. James Arnold Taylor and Anna Graves give such great performances in that episode.

Favorite Clone Wars episodes is a fun question. Curious what other folks’ faves are.

JF: I really respond to characters above all — and at its best I thought The Clone Wars delivered great character-driven stories, whether interaction was between Anakin and Ahoska, Obi-Wan and Satine, or Yoda and clones who turn out not to be quite identical after all.

What inspired you to write this episode guide and who would you say made the biggest impact while writing this?

JF: Well, planned project like all licensed Star Wars books. The inspiring part was the team effort. It’s a bit unfair that author’s is name on the cover, since it takes a big team — at DK or anywhere else — to make a book happen.

The new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide covers all five seasons, 108 episodes. Lots of binge viewings to prepare?

JF: Ha! No binge viewings — after this many books I know The Clone Wars pretty well! But did cue up episodes to check facts, quotes, etc. Still, I did find myself sucked into some of my favorite episodes all over again. Awesome — except when deadlines were calling.

JF: Chronological order brings out some themes nicely, IMHO. For instance, Senate episodes feel like own arcs rather than departures. Watch “Heroes on Both Sides,” “Pursuit of Peace” and “Senate Murders” in chronological order and the storytelling’s much richer.

Did you liaise with Leland Chee on the order as part of your research?

JF: Oh, of course. On this book and all others. Leland Chee is a wise and very, very patient man.

Any clues on where The Clone Wars chronology and the EU might end up after Episode VII? Non-canon?

JF: That one’s above my pay grade. Whatever happens to continuity, all these stories make the galaxy far, far away a richer place.

JF: Regarding Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide‘s format, we and LFL wanted to put episodes in chronological order. Much requested, first time done.

JF: Leland Chee and I delved into some things — ship classes, species, etc. — that didn’t get used in book. Maybe down the road!

In arranging the chronology of the episodes, were there every facts, circumstances that conflicted time-wise?

JF:  I was lucky on that one — Leland Chee had done the heavy lifting and given me the chronological order of episodes.

Leland Chee: Animation was tracking the episode chronological order since the beginning.  I merely consulted.

JF: Regarding plot, selecting our pics was pretty easy. Hard part = capturing twists/turns between key moments in short, kid-friendly paragraphs.

JF: The Clone Wars is so visual and has so many iconic images. Yoda in “Ambush.” Ahsoka & Grievous in “Duel of the Droids.” Maul in “Revenge.” Ahsoka in “Jedi Who Knew Too Much.” I could go on for many tweets. Very satisfying seeing those memorable images in the book.

JF: Some new behind-the-scenes factoids in book, but mostly I relied on LFL’s work for StarWars.com. Why reinvent good wheel?

JF: With Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide, I think reading that behind the scenes stuff all at once reinforces links between The Clone Wars and films…and movie history.

JF: “Duchess of Mandalore” is richer if you’ve seen film noirs. “Senate Spy” is smart, extended homage to “Notorious.” And so on.

JF: Fave The Clone Wars specific character? Ahsoka of course, but also loved Satine and deeper shadings she brought to Mandalorian history. And can’t forget about Cad Bane, Hondo or Rex. Plus all the great minor characters — Highsinger, Embo, Ziro. In terms of character journeys, though, I thought Ahsoka and Asajj were most interesting. Really want to know how their tales end!

What’s one thing fans of the series might be surprised to learn?

JF: I don’t know about surprises, but what I hope the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide does is reinforce rich connections between The Clone Wars and the films.

Slightly off topic but any plans for more essential guides? Perhaps an Essential Guide to The Clone Wars is in order?

JF: Not sure of plans. Agree Essential Guide to Clone Wars would be a very fun (though daunting) book.

JF: New directions in saga should open all sorts of rich opportunities for Star Wars fiction and “non-fiction fiction” like essential guides.

There’s a new animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, coming in 2014. Any thoughts?

JF: Very curious regarding Star Wars: Rebels. A great thing about writing Star Wars is it’s made me more of a fan. Waiting eagerly/impatiently like y’all.

I hope to see a Rebels episode guide from you in a few years time.

JF: Thank you! Would love to do the honors if asked.

JF: Something I found cool about Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode Guide — originally was going to be 1st 100 episodes, but expanded to all of season five before announcement.

Leland Chee: This teetered on being monumentally uncool. J.W. Rinzler helped save the day on this one.

JF: And very glad he did. The cool part was the next tweet anyway! ;-)

JF: DK’s designers pushed for last image of Ahsoka heading into Coruscant sunset. Given what happened, that was a super-smart call!

What’s one Clone Wars storyline that you’d like closure to?

JF: Just one? Want to know what happens to Ahsoka and Asajj. And see what Order 66 means for Rex. Plus what abt Bo-Katan and Mandalore?

So, what are you currently working on?

JF: I’m working on my own kids’ series — the Jupiter Pirates. First book comes out Dec. 23. Full of space pirates, battles and intrigue!

JF: Will definitely be part of Star Wars Reads Day on Saturday October 5, though my details are to be announced. Check for an event near you and come on out!

DK Publishing: Thanks so much for joining us today, Jason!  We will post a transcript of the chat in the next day for those who missed.

JF: Thanks! Appreciate everyone’s time and great questions. Looking forward to new Star Wars tales from the galaxy far far away!

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