“Good Hunting” by Christie Golden

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Star Wars Insider 142 will be hitting newsstands this month and has already hit subscriber’s mailboxes. Inside the latest Insider is a short story by Star Wars author Christie Golden called “Good Hunting.” The story stars Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka Djo and Allana. Complementing the story are some nice illustrations by Joe Corroney.

The basis of the story is that Jaina and Tenel Ka decide they need a vacation. Allana ends up talking them into a camping trip so they can train Anji how to hunt. This leads them to the planet Luuhar, a planet in the Hapes Cluster that is a nature reserve. What they don’t know is that there is a secret waiting for them deep in the forest of Luuhar. All in all, it’s a quick story with lightsaber and Anji action. It was also kind of nice to see Jaina and Tenel Ka working together. Fans of Jaina, Tenel Ka and Anji will definitely want to check this one out.

As of yet, there’s been no more word on the Sword of the Jedi series beyond what was revealed at Star Wars Celebration VI last year. However, “Good Hunting” is Christie Golden’s second post-Fate of the Jedi story, the other one being “Getaway” (Star Wars Insider 134). Both stories star Jaina Solo and I can’t help but feel that we’re getting these to bide the time. Hopefully if there is a hold on post-ROTJ novels due to Disney, it will get resolved soon. In the mean time, maybe we’ll see another short story or two featuring Jaina. For now, we can certainly enjoy some brief Jaina adventures and some new artwork.

“Good Hunting” Gallery

“Here’s the main page art for the new short fiction story, “Good Hunting” appearing in Star Wars Insider #142. Since I originally designed the full page artwork for the short story to feel like an old monster/sci-fi movie poster from the 1950’s-60’s I did another version just for fun adding Aurebesh text and playing up the weathering FX and textures more to give it an even more pulp feel.” -Joe Corroney

You can check out more of Joe Corroney’s art on his Facebook page.

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