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Kicking off this week’s Star Wars news is the world’s largest Star Wars toy: a 46,000 pound LEGO X-Wing.

In other news, EA revealed that fans will get their first glimpse of what’s to come for Star Wars at E3 next month.

Denver Comic Con is fast approaching and Star Wars artist Gabriel Hardman revealed he’ll be there and he’ll be doing sketches (details here). Also in attendance will be author Kevin J. Anderson who is debuting his new comic Stalag-X (and Dave Dorman is doing the covers).

Author Matthew Stover posted a guest blog on Orbit Books which breaks the norm by listing a bunch of interesting notes pertaining to stories, writing, and thensome.

“Most of what follows will be about story, because I make stories the same way I breathe: even to pause requires an act of will, and if I ever stop, it’s because I’m dead.” -Matthew Stover

You can check it out here.

Tom Taylor did an interview with Comic Vine covering Injustice: Gods Among Us (beware, it has spoilers up to digital chapter #19).

Author Kevin Hearne is doing a “Beer and Book” contest for free, signed copies of Hunted. Details can be found here on his official website.

Kenobi fan’s might want to check out the alternate cover by Chris McGrath which looks kinda cool. (via Club Jade)

Voice actress Anna Graves (Satine on TCW) did a series of interviews with Line In Audio covering voice work.

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend Star Wars Weekends, Tricia over on FANgirl Blog has a really good rundown of the experience. And if you want to catch a peek at the TCW bonus footage that was shown, just look below. It looks like we will be seeing the Yoda arc afterall.

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