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Here are this week’s Star Wars podcast reviews.

ForceCast: Episode 252 includes a nice special guest segment with EUCantina’s William Devereux as they discuss EA and Star Wars games. The rest of the podcast covers other in the news items, however there is a lot of drawn out discussion that just isn’t very discussion worthy.

Episode 253 covers some Star Wars vs Star Trek material, unfortunately it’s rather long and not all that interesting. As a listener, I didn’t find myself drawn into the discussion. Even with a guest host, Christian Blauvelt, there wasn’t enough to keep my interest. Having given the new ForceCast a healthy try, I’m going to have to stop where I am because I’m just not enjoying the podcast. There are a lot of other podcasts I’d rather listen to, so from here on out there won’t be anymore reviews for the ForceCast unless they feature some author interviews or something else of particular interest. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Around the Web

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Kicking off this week’s Star Wars news is the world’s largest Star Wars toy: a 46,000 pound LEGO X-Wing.

In other news, EA revealed that fans will get their first glimpse of what’s to come for Star Wars at E3 next month.

Denver Comic Con is fast approaching and Star Wars artist Gabriel Hardman revealed he’ll be there and he’ll be doing sketches (details here). Also in attendance will be author Kevin J. Anderson who is debuting his new comic Stalag-X (and Dave Dorman is doing the covers).

Author Matthew Stover posted a guest blog on Orbit Books which breaks the norm by listing a bunch of interesting notes pertaining to stories, writing, and thensome.

“Most of what follows will be about story, because I make stories the same way I breathe: even to pause requires an act of will, and if I ever stop, it’s because I’m dead.” -Matthew Stover Continue Reading Around the Web…

MediaWest*Con 2013

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MediaWest*Con 33 kicks off today and runs until the 27th in Lansing, MI. West End Games Star Wars author Carolyn Golledge will be there among many others. You can check out all the details on their official site.

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