Review- Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan #5

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DotJPoB5Today sees the release of the final issue of the Prisoner of Bogan arc for Dawn of the Jedi!  BIG things happen in this issue. Secrets are revealed and one of the biggest cliffhangers is dropped on us for the whole series! After the break you can read my wife’s and my thoughts on the issue.

Chelsea: Get ready for another wild ride, brought to you courtesy of John and Jan! The issue opens with Shae Koda in a sort of trance placed upon her by Daegan Lok. Lok persuades a guard standing post at Baron Volnos “Ox” Ryo’s residence so he can attempt to build an army of Hadiya Loyalists to join him in the upcoming battle with the Dark Side aliens. There’s a lot of tension between Lok and Ox stemming from twelve years prior, when Lok was responsible for killing Hadiya under the request of Ox.

Cory: The twists and turns that John and Jan have placed throughout this series have been amazing.  Who knew that Lok was capable of such dastardly deeds when he was first introduced?  It’s also intriguing to see Ox’s role in Queen Hadiya’s death revealed.  The next part that we see goes to Sek’nos and Trill fighting a massive dianoga and once again Trill saves Sek’nos. Sek’nos and Trill meet up with Rangers Rori and Hawk as they are getting ready to infiltrate Ox’s palace to stop Lok and Xesh.  Xesh leaves with the trance induced Shae as Sek’nos follows.

Chelsea: Can I just admit that Trill posing as a “good guy” really irritates me? Her mock concern and eagerness to help make me want to kick her, especially when it comes to Sek’nos. And you’re right, who would have thought Lok was such an evil man? John and Jan did a great job of playing up the sympathy card in the beginning; we saw Daegan Lok as a poor lost soul, wrongfully placed upon Bogan for a vision he shared with another Je’daii. What we didn’t learn until now though, is that Lok was really a murderer who broke the Je’daii code when killing Hadiya, but still managed to return home a hero. It seems to me as if Lok has been dabbling in the lunacy of the dark side for far longer than originally thought.

Cory: I completely agree. What’s strange is that I’m finding Xesh to be the most relate-able and sympathetic character so far.  All he wants is freedom and he feels that Lok has given him that.  It really shines through in his duel with Sek’nos.  Lok may have freed him, but they are definitely not partners in this.  We also see as Xesh leaves with Shae that he doesn’t recognize Trill, an intriguing bit of story telling right there.

Chelsea: I agree, it’s also pretty apparent that Xesh is trying to break free of his life of slavery. He has made it quite clear that he takes orders from and belongs to no one. I find that it speaks volumes to Xesh’s character when Daegan tells him to kill Shae, and he instead tells her to surrender. Xesh is beginning to look more and more like a diamond in the rough. Strip away his harsh exterior layers, and he’s just a lost soul trying to do right in the world and escape his past. Speaking of past, we find out that Trill’s Predor Skal’nas is the reason Xesh remembers nothing of Trill or their broodmate bond. Things are definitely heating up as the Je’daii prepare for battle, forging force sabers and training Xesh to be a Je’daii master so that he might lead them in battle. What a battle it will be!

Cory: We are definitely in for a massive arc next as we get into the Force Wars!  I am really looking forward to it and I’m in hopes that the arc is longer than 5 or 6 issues.  All in all we give this issue 5 out of 5 brass bikinis!


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