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Full of Sith: Episode XXI interviews Lucas Siegel, one of the writers on Newsarama. This is actually a pretty cool episode that generates some interesting discussion. If Full of Sith has Lucas on again, I’d definitely check it out.

Episode XXII is their weekly rumor control podcast with Bobby Roberts. Consetta is back for this episode and they cover a few Episode VII rumors as well as some more general discussion.

They also did a special May the 4th Be With You episode with just Mike Pilot and Travis live from a comic book store (it was also Free Comic Book Day). This one was kind of special for a couple reasons. For starters, they discussed the wild possibility of a dark side Yoda which was pretty entertaining. Secondly, Mike cracked me up as he interrupted the podcast to order a hotdog and congratulate Travis on making such a good hotdog. Live episodes can be unexpectedly funny.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 389 is a fine of example of why you shouldn’t listen to SWAN…they will make you buy Star Wars stuff. How can you not be tempted to open your wallet when they review something that sounds so cool? Alas, I find myself having many “I’ve got to have that!” moments while listening to SWAN. It’s a testament to the quality of their reviews. In this episode, they review the new edition of Star Wars: The Blueprints that will make you want to head on over to Amazon and put in an order (I got mine two days ago and I have to say it is awesome!). Steve the Ginger Prince also has a segment covering his latest adventures in collecting as well as a review of the Star Wars steelbooks (DVD’s with tin box type cases). If you’re interested in the Star Wars: The Blueprints book or the steelbooks, be sure to give this episode a listen.

Episode 390 has some coverage of C2E2 and a nice interview with Vader’s Little Princess author Jeffrey Brown.

Episode 391 has an excellent interview with Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void author Tim Lebbon.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode 69 covers the Legacy comics with Mark and Nathan’s opinions on the series as they go through each issue one-by-one. The entertainment level is so-so, I’d mainly recommend this episode to anyone who is looking to get a spoiler summary of the series so they don’t have to read it. Legacy fans might also enjoy hearing a different take on the series.

Star Wars Bookworms: Episode 4 was hosted by Aaron Goins and Eric Geller (co-host of The ForceCast). They reviewed Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s The Last Jedi with some opinions on the book very different from my own. They also reviewed Clone Wars: Defenders of the Lost Temple, which surprisingly enough is the first comic book Eric has ever read. If you haven’t read either of those, you might want to skip this episode as they do discuss a lot of spoilers.

Temple Archives (aka Star Wars Book Report): Episode 69 includes their interview with The Clone Wars voice actor Tom Kane, unfortunately the audio didn’t turn out too well. As Jesse explains in the beginning of the podcast, Tom’s voice recorded really low and was hard to hear, so they had to amplify the volume which led to some sound artifacts. Regardless, the rest of the podcast had good audio quality and Tom did talk about some interesting things (for instance I didn’t know he had a bunch of adopted kids, which is pretty cool to hear). After the interview, Jesse and Wayne review Shadows of the Empire, which was interesting in itself. Wayne found quite a few things he didn’t like about the book and Jesse pretty much liked it through and through. I have to admit that I certainly enjoyed Shadows of the Empire when I read it, so I sided with Jesse on this one.

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