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Where to start, well, Dave Filoni is back at it with the TIE fighters. Some sites think this could be research for a new television series, however we have it on good authority that this is simply the first in a new series of toys from Hasbro. Expect to see Filoni fighters on toy shelves early next year.

In other news, bestseller Dan Brown has a new Da Vinci Code book out called Inferno. As a fan of the Robert Langdon books, I’ll certainly be checking this one out soon.

Into the Void fans might want to check out our updated review and interview roundup. Since last week, a lot more sites have been posting their reviews and interviews.

And speaking of interviews, IGN has one with comic writer and artist Gabriel Hardman covering Legacy and his upcoming original Kinski.

Author Kevin J. Anderson has a really long interview on The Jerry Lentz show which you can listen to here.

Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge author Martha Wells did an interview with

FANgirl Blog has an interview with Joe Gatt whose name I did not recognize but I definitely recognized his work. He’s the voice actor for Lord Scourge in The Old Republic, he played Gundroth in Thor and he’s GATT5000 in Star Trek Into Darkness.

MovieWeb has an interesting rumor about the next X-Men film. According to them, Apocalypse might be in X-Men: Days of the Future Past, which is set to come out next July.

Comic writer John Ostrander has a nice blog post on how Shakespeare has influenced his writing. John brings up some pretty good points everyone can benefit from.

John Ostrander also spoke with Bleeding Cool about the Suicide Squad comics which you can listen to here.

Rounding out Ostrander news, be sure to stop by and give John Ostrander‘s new Facebook page a like.

Author Aaron Allston has a guest blog on Ailionora on the importance of writing workshops which might interest some fans.

Here’s something you may or may not be aware of: Star Wars artist Matt Busch is making a sci-fi movie called Aladdin 3477. You can find out more here. As of May 10, Matt was in Cambodia taking some film shots. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

Continuing movie news, the first trailer for Riddick is out.

As pretty much everyone has seen already, confirmed that feature film production for Star Wars Episode VII will be done in the UK.

Matthew Stover fans can rejoice as he’s come back to Twitter after two years of silence.

Finishing things off with some charity, Star Wars artist Doug Wheatley is but one of many artists who contributed to the Wizard World sketch jam which is now up on eBay for auction. All of the proceeds will be going to The Hero Initiative charity which helps out former comic creators in need.

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