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Time to catch up. Here’s what I’ve been listening to and what might be worth checking out.

501stCast: The 501stCast is a podcast ran by members of the 501st Legion and provides extensive coverage of what the 501st Legion is up to and where it’s heading. Episode 72 also featured a nice chat with The Clone Wars voice actor Stephen Stanton who talked about Tarkin, Morallo Eval and Meebur Gascon. He also went over his involvement with the Pink Five Saga. Worth checking out if you’re a Stanton or TCW fan. The episode also has quite a few links in the show notes worth clicking on.

ForceCast: Episode 248 “Who Doesn’t Need More Killiks” caught my attention with the title. Killiks can be a divisive topic in the Star Wars Expanded Universe: you either like them or you don’t. Well this episode of ForceCast doesn’t really talk too much about Killiks, but instead addresses the fate of the EU in regards to the upcoming films. Will the books and comics adopt a parallel universe, similar to Marvel, in order to handle the differences? They also discuss an article Brian over on Tosche Station wrote regarding that very same topic. While I personally didn’t agree very much with the hosts on this topic, it’s something fans might want to check out.

Episode 249 “I’m Han Solo” delves a bit into gaming and LucasArts track record. The hosts debate whether shutting down LucasArts was really a bad move or not on Disney’s part. They also discuss the many games LucasArts has churned out. It’s a good topic, but I’m not sure how much was really accomplished in the episode. Sometimes it was hard to tell where the hosts came down on any given issue. On one hand, it felt like they thought LucasArts wasn’t doing a great job and a licensing model could do it better. On the other hand, it felt like they were defending LucasArts regardless of their flaws. A little more clarity would have been helpful.

Full of Sith: Episode XX has the hosts (minus Consetta) speaking with author and illustrator Jeffrey Brown. Jeffrey is the creator behind both Darth Vader and Son and the recently released Vader’s Little Princess. There’s some good discussion as they talk about how Jeffrey got the job and came up with the ideas for the books.

Full of Sith also did a special Richard LeParmentier episode where they talked with guest Janine Spendlove and shared stories about Richard. There was some neat insight in the stories they shared which revealed a little bit of what Richard was really like.

Jedi Journals: The May 2013 Episode covers some good stuff including a nice interview with Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void author Tim Lebbon who, among other things, reveals how to pronounce the main character’s name: Lanoree (La-nory). Other cool things in this episode included a mention of a Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #1 retailer summit variant cover, which I was not aware of, plus lot of other lit news and coverage.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 4/19/2013 covered a variety of topics. The hosts discussed the Star Wars Reclamation document that popped up on Internet Movie Database and how it could still be a valid document event though LucasFilm says otherwise. They talk with Cris Macht about his documentaries The Force Among Us and The Force Within Us. They also cover some comments from Harrison Ford and what Return of the Jedi would have been like without Han Solo. Plus they touch on Traci Morgan, Patton Oswalt, and the J.J. Abrams Playboy interview. Lot of topics, but nothing too vital that you couldn’t skip out on.

Episode 4/28/13 would be the best podcast of the bunch. Of all the podcasts reviewed here, this was the most fun to listen to. It included a lot of great guest interviews from C2E2 including Chris Macht (Force Among Us), Chris Spice (sandtroopers.com), Aljon Go (Sorcerers Radio), Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti), Daniel Logan, Ashley Eckstein, Sam Huntington (Fan Boys/Being Human), Jordan Hembrough (Toy Hunter), and Brian Wood (Star Wars comic). Definitely a podcast episode I recommend checking out.

The Celebrity Commentary: Episode IV – A New Hope Episode is kinda cool. Jimmy Mac and Jason bring in Sam Witwer as they watch and discuss A New Hope (blu-ray version). It’s a full length commentary on the film with some great comments from Sam Witwer, so you can actually fire up the podcast and listen to it while you watch the movie.

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