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Big news coming from EA and BioWare. In their Q4 Earnings conference call yesterday, EA said that Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s change from a subscription only service to a free-to-play/subscription hybrid has created growth for the title. In the call (the transcript of which you can read here), Blake Jorgensen, Chief Financial Officer for EA, said the following:

“The game has attracted new free-to-play members and total active users are up. We continue to deliver new game updates for the community every six weeks, helping drive subscribers and free-to-play consumers to the game.”

Dye modules, releasing in Game Update 2.1, will allow players to change the color of their armor and clothing (for items above level 15).

That’s certainly good news, especially due to the myriad of predictions that heralded the switch to free-to-play as the death of the title. This news is made even better by an update by community manager Eric Musco. The post, also released yesterday, over at The Old Republic Forums details the release dates for the next two game updates. Game Update 2.1: Customization, which features new customization options, Cartel market items, and the addition of the Cathar species will release on May 14th, with Game Update 2.2 dropping on June 11th.

While many decry that Game Update 2.1 is just a way to add content to the game’s Cartel Marketplace, Eric was quick to counter that. Both updates will feature “the usual bug fixes, quality of life improvements, etc. which you have come to expect”. While he didn’t go into detail about features for update 2.2, he did say it will not feature any new Cartel items. He also teased that the Gree Enclave will be making a return “soon”.  You can read the full post here.

All in all this is solid news for fans of the game, as well as subscribers who worried their long term support would be for naught and that the game was going to shutdown.  We’ll keep you posted on any more news and expect our full review of Game Update 2.1 and Update 2.2 when they release.

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