EU in Carbonite?

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According to a member of TheForce.Net forums, the Star Wars Expanded Universe could be frozen in carbonite for the time being. While at Starfest 2013 in Denver, Colorado, a fellow Star Wars fan met author Timothy Zahn in the elevator. The fan in questioned engaged Tim in conversation, and what Tim revealed is this…

…A freeze has been put on any, at least for him, books for the Expanded Universe beyond Return of the Jedi.

The fan further elaborated…

“Keep in mind that he said he wasn’t given any contracts beyond ROTJ yet. That could just mean Zahn or not. I am assuming when Zahn said he wasn’t given a contract yet beyond the ROTJ timeline and that he and the other authors were not given any official news yet on what would happen with the EU, that that would mean a freeze. Anyone can take what Zahn said and translate it the way they want to. But considering he’s one of the top SW authors and he hasn’t been given the green light to produce a book for after the ROTJ timeline, then I would assume that the freeze would imply to all SW authors.”

According to them…

When I asked him why, he simply said that with Walt Disney taking over LucasFilm, no one (I’m assuming he means the other SW authors) knows what will happen with the EU and was frank in saying that Walt Disney may completely do away with the EU in light of the new SW movies coming out in 2015.

He (Zahn) also said that he wants to do a book(s) that explores Grand Admiral Thrawn on a deeper level (as he did with Mara Jade I assume), but until Walt Disney lifts the author EU ban, there is nothing he can do.

Now I don’t know this forum member personally, so I can’t speak for their credibility, but let us assume this is all correct. This could imply that not only are any future Zahn novels on hold, but the highly anticipated Sword of the Jedi series by Christie Golden and the extremely secretive duology by Paul S. Kemp could be on hold as well. This would certainly coincide with the overwhelming silence these series have had since the announcement of the Disney takeover.

Depending on how long this freeze lasts, Troy Denning’s Crucible could be the last post-Return of the Jedi novel we see for a while. The Empire and Rebellion trilogy should be completely safe, as will Maul: Lockdown and Kenobi. This will at least tide readers over for the Fall and early 2014. With Star Wars Celebration Europe II fast approaching, we may get some more book announcements. However, if Disney doesn’t get in touch with Del Rey and Lucasbooks, Star Wars fans might be in for some more pre-ROTJ novels. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but it is an interesting state of affairs.

As for Zahn’s comments on Disney possibly doing away with the EU, it’s important to keep it context. This is Tim speculating on the numerous possibilities. Thus, I’m not really concerned about that at all. Also, being a Thrawn fan, it would certainly be cool to see some more Thrawn books. Nevertheless, if this freeze is truly in effect, then we’ll simply have to wait and see what happens with the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The ball appears to be in Disney’s court.

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  1. It makes sense that they would put a freeze on all stories set after RotJ until we know more about the plot of the movies. I just hope they continue to give us stories in other eras so we still get our regular novels and comics for the next few years.

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