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In the headlines this week, there’s a new petition out there against Disney, but hey, this time it’s not by Star Wars fans. It would seem there are some questionable Avengers shirts being merchandised towards boys and girls. The boy’s shirts proclaim “Be a hero” while the girl’s shirts say “I need a hero.” You can catch the full story here on The Daily Dot.

Comic writer Tom Taylor has made Amazon’s Top 100 Authors List with the smashing success of his Injustice: Gods Among Us comic for DC Comics. Is it really that good? Why yes it is. Congratulations to Tom for earning a bit of well deserved success.

And speaking of Tom Taylor and Injustice: Gods Among Us, IGN has a nice interview with Tom discussing his slaying of beloved comic book characters. Fair warning, if you haven’t read issue #1, there are quite a few spoilers.

Also handing out interviews is upcoming Star Wars director J.J. Abrams who did an interview with Playboy magazine. Here’s a link which isn’t exactly safe for work. Abrams stays tight lipped on Star Wars but says some interesting things about the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness.

ABRAMS: The first film was very much about these disparate orphans coming together and starting a family. The next step has to be about going deeper and, yes, as the title indicates, getting a little more intense. We’re testing these characters in ways they deserve to be tested: Kirk being cocky to a fault, Spock being so Vulcan that it raises the question of how he can possibly be a friend or lover when he’s that unemotional.

I learned so much doing the first Star Trek—a movie. I’d never done any kind of space adventure before or anything on that scale. We knew the second one had to be bigger and not just for bigger’s sake. It was where the story was taking us. We got really cool glimpses of the Enterprise in the first movie. This time we get to see areas of the ship nobody’s seen before. And the villain is more complex now. In our first film Eric Bana plays a wonderfully angry Romulan dude, pissed off and full of vengeance. In this one, the bad guy is still brutal and fierce, but he’s got a much more interesting and active story. We have to grapple with many layers of his character. He’s essentially a space terrorist, and Benedict Cumberbatch, whom people know from BBC’s Sherlock, is fucking kickass in the role. Kirk and the rest of the crew are figuring out how the hell to get an upper hand with this guy. The darkness is real in this movie, and it’s incredibly challenging and terrifying, and it can certainly be lethal. You need that edge, partly because Star Trek has been so relentlessly parodied over the years.

Star Trek Into Darkness also has a new official trailer, this one being #3.

Finally, this week we mourn the passing of actor Richard LeParmentier, best known for his role as Admiral Motti in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

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