EW Drops the Ball

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Yesterday Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson and Dark Horse V.P. of Publishing Randy Stradley. Readers may have noticed in the interview that the author presented a pointed agenda portraying Dark Horse Comics as losing the Star Wars license.

“For the Oregon-based comics company, the project may be the great farewell to the Jedi mythology. Star Wars comics have been a core part of the Dark Horse’s indie publishing empire since the early 1990s. Now, after the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, Dark Horse is likely to lose the license in the months ahead.” -Geoff Boucher, Entertainment Weekly

Here is a link to the interview.

According to Randy Stradley, the interview fell well below his expectations.

“…just a cursory skim of the interview shows me places where I was completely misquoted, places where my quote was attributed to Mike, or his to me, where portions of different statements we made were combined into one, or where statements just stop before the thought is completed.”

Randy went on to say that he would never do another live interview.

It’s sad to see an outlet like Entertainment Weekly mess up as bad as this. Skewing the facts in order to create an agenda is a disservice to their readers and the public in general. Adding insult to injury is their inability to even get the answers correct. One thing is for certain, Entertainment Weekly’s validity as a Star Wars news source has been severely damaged. Furthermore, if you see the name Geoff Boucher attached to an article, be sure to keep in mind his inability to get the facts straight.

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