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There are a lot of Star Wars podcasts out there, and I listen to a few, so I thought fans might be interested in a combination podcasts review/roundup. Expect this to be a periodic column, and be sure to let us know what Star Wars podcasts you’re interested in.

Bombad Radio: Episode 76 is a must hear podcast for The Clone Wars fans as it includes a great interview with voice actor Tom Kane. Tom performed a few voices, from Yoda and Yularen to his absolutely perfect Morgan Freeman. It also delves into some details on a Yoda arc Tom worked on for The Clone Wars Season 6 which we may or may never see.

Episode 77 sits down with the director of The Force Among Us and The Force Within Us, Chris Macht, who shares his passion of Star Wars and the idea behind his new documentary. Their second guest on the podcast was Jack O’Halloran, who has nothing to do with Star Wars but was surprisingly interesting. Honestly, I’d recommend checking out the episode for him alone. Jack talked about some intriguing aspects of history and American culture revolving around the Kennedy family. History buffs will want to check this one out.

ForceCast: #247 is worth listening to for the interview with The Clone Wars voice actor James Arnold Taylor who talks about the cancellation of The Clone Wars and looking forward.

They also have a Special ForceCast with The Clone Wars voice actress Ashley Eckstein.

Full of Sith: Episode XVII is out, though I haven’t been able to listen to it yet. This episode features special guest Amy Ratcliffe.

Jedi Journals: The April episode covers some cool info for collectors including info on the Legacy Volume 2 #1 cover variants, a full rundown of all thirteen variations of Star Wars #1, confirmation that there will be a deluxe version of Star Wars Art: Concept plus a deluxe set for The Jedi Path/Book of Sith. For non-collections, they’ve got a really nice interview with Dark Horse editor and writer Randy Stradley which covers how he got started in comics, the origin of his pseudonames and what’s coming up for Dark Horse. Plus there’s a recap of the Star Wars comic news out of Wondercon including the next arc of Dawn of the Jedi, Force Wars, which will be jumping ahead a year in the timeline (note: Jedi Journals incorrectly states that in jumps ahead 100 years, but Randy Stradley has confirmed that it only jumps ahead 1 year).

RebelForce Radio hasn’t posted a new podcast in while since they’ve been on a spring break, but they will have a new episode up featuring Dave Filoni which will be out Friday.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 386 has some coverage of the Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con as well as their usual toy coverage. This was the first time I’ve heard Steve the Gingerprince on the podcast and I have to say, that guy is great. Hope to hear more from him in the future.

You can check out their latest episode here: Episode 387.

Star Wars Book Report: Episode 67 covers Wayne and Jesse’s review of Millennium Falcon by James Luceno. They also dive into their Mount Rushmore of Star Wars authors (mine would most definitely be Timothy Zahn, Matthew Stover, George Lucas and Kevin J. Anderson).

While I haven’t listened to it yet, you can check out their latest podcast, Episode 68, which includes special guest Michael A. Stackpole.

Star Wars Bookworms: SWBW #2 features an interview with Dark Horse Comics writer Alexander Freed. This is definitely the best interview with Alexander Freed I’ve ever come across (whether audio or print) and it’s definitely worth a listen. Fans of The Lost Suns, Purge: The Tyrants Fist and Star Wars: The Old Republic will certainly enjoy it.

SWBW #3 covers some more comics with Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead.

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