The Best of April Fools

April 2, 2013 at 12:01 am | Posted in Humor, Star Wars | 2 Comments

One of the reasons I love April Fool’s Day is that it gives me the excuse to act foolish and make up funny Star Wars stuff. But we here at Roqoo Depot weren’t the only ones fooling around. Here’s a rundown of who else was being foolish yesterday.

The 501st Legion got in on the act by making all Disney and Marvel characters as acceptable outfits.

Club Jade declared that Disney was putting everything into the vault thus placing the entire franchise and all products on hold.

EUCantina announced the release of The Clone Wars series soundtrack…on cassette tape.

FANgirl Blog gave an exclusive first look at The Clone Wars bonus content.

Geeks of Doom posted Han Solo frozen in carbonite Pop Tarts.

George Takei unveiled his role in the Star Wars reboot.

Next Movie showed a picture of the cast of Episode VII.

Rebelscum previewed a new line of Hasbro toys called The Modern Collection.

Star Wars Action News pulled a good one with the Star Wars: Black Series showing up on pegs at Wal-mart.

Star Wars: The Old Republic announced Dance of the Hutts.

Star Wars Underworld revealed Disney’s new Star Wars animated television series: The Gascon Adventures including a special podcast episode.

Suvudu got in on the fun with probably the best of the Star Wars April Fool’s jokes when they revealed that John Jackson Miller would write a Star Wars Trilogy based on Star Wars Pinball starting with the first book Star Wars: Pinball: Boba Fett – The Novel.

ThinkGeek had some good ones including an awesome looking Death Star Trench Toss.

Wookieepedia decided to make Spock part of canon.

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