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The Star Wars Underworld is organizing a #SaveTheCloneWars event for Saturday at 9:30 AM PDT (11:30 AM CDT/12:30 AM EDT). They’re asking fans to get together and tweet #SaveTheCloneWars at @Disney and @starwars in order to get it trending.

Iron Druid fans rejoice, Atticus and Oberon are heading to Egypt in Kevin Hearne‘s new novella The Grimoire of the Lamb. There’s no release date yet, but Kevin has informed fans that this novella will be longer than Two Ravens and One Crow.

Author Michael A. Stackpole did an interview with Blazing A Trail you can check out here. The interview covers publishing and self-publishing.

Author Jeff Grubb did an interview with Random Wizard covering Marvel Super Heroes, Dragonlance, Spelljammer and all things RPG.

Author Kevin J. Anderson did an interview with Nocturnia (scroll down the page for the English version). The interview covers all of Kevin’s writing career and is worth a read.

Everyone who was looking forward to Randy Stradley‘s Star Wars Dark Horse announcement will have to wait a bit longer.

“I apologize for jumping the gun on the announcement of the announcement. I really had no idea this process would take so long. Clearly not happening this week. Maybe next?” -Randy Stradley

If you live in the Denver area, make sure to clear your calendars for the weekend of April 19-21 because Timothy Zahn will be heading to Starfest.

How about some good news from Disney? A survey is going around asking annual pass holders if they would be interested in a Star Wars Land. I think we all know the correct answer is “YES!!!”

In magazine news, Empire Magazine will be running a 75 page special on J.J. Abrams with contributions from Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Speilberg, Leonard Nemoy and others.

In movie news, the Star Trek: Into Darkness international trailer is out.

In charity news, the Art for Leah 2013 auctions are up. Be sure to check out the auctions for some cool Star Wars art for a good cause.

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