Evil Girlfriend with a Pen Interviews John Jackson Miller

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Evil Girlfriend with a Pen (you’ve got to like that name) posted an interview with Star Wars comic writer and author John Jackson Miller that covers a lot of nice topics including how he got started, his plans for 2013, gender in Star Wars, and his upcoming book Kenobi.

Can you tell me about the universe you create? You seem to write a lot of female characters. I read the Vector series with Jedi Celeste, how do you write such good female characters?

John Jackson Miller: I don’t think too much about the gender of characters when I’m writing these things in Star Wars. The important questions are not male or female. We have human and wookies. It’s a very diverse galaxy so we don’t think about those things when we’re writing.

You have to think that we are in a galaxy far far away. We don’t use the word earthquake because that pertains to earth. We use groundquake because there is no earth. There are a number of things that we tend to take. We don’t say businessman, we say businessperson. A person is just as likely to be from a species where there is no defined gender roles. That being the case, in a matter of wordsmithing you end up using gender neutral terms. I don’t tend to write farm boys as much as farmers. I had to think about this with my novel coming out later this year, Star Wars: Kenobi. I have a lot of strong females in this book. I had to think about the history of Tatooine because the Women Suffrage didn’t occur because it didn’t need to.

Click here to read the full interview.

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