CBR talks with Randy Stradley about all things Star Wars

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CBR touched base with Dark Horse Comics Editor Randy Stradley on a variety of subjects you’ll definitely be interested in. Randy spoke a little about the better than expected sales of Star Wars #1, re-confirmed that the Star Wars comic license is still with Dark Horse (though the future is always in motion), the character driven aspects of Brian Wood’s Star Wars series…

“As far as teasing the future, I hesitate to say much for fear of spoiling the surprises. I’ll say Wedge plays a larger part in what’s going on than you might imagine; Leia displays both strategic brilliance and emotional vulnerability; Luke follows his heart; and Han, well, Han displays a knack for getting into trouble.” -Randy Stradley

Randy also went on to discuss the upcoming miniseries Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin…

“The Empire has become aware of a threat to its hold on the galaxy and Vader has discovered an ancient power that rivals the Sith. The temptation to take it and use it for his own ends is almost too much to resist. Meanwhile, a wealthy businessman whose son was killed by Vader has hired a cadre of assassins to kill the Dark Lord. Eight of them have failed, but the ninth, well, the ninth assassin is something special.”

The interview also covers the upcoming Legacy issues and Ania Solo…

“…a feisty junk dealer whose best friends are an ice miner and an old assassin droid. She’s about as far as you can get from the seats of power, and she likes that just fine. However, this being Star Wars, and her being a Solo, trouble has a way of finding her.”

Randy mentioned that work has already begun on a third arc for Dawn of the Jedi, he dropped the name for the next Dark Times arc, A Spark Remains, a story he and Dough Wheatley began but had to set aside (as Dough finishes up his work for the forthcoming Star Wars: Essential Guide to Characters), and talked a bit about Dark Times: Fire Carrier

“The events in “Fire Carrier” give K’ Kruhk a mission of life or death, leaving him in a place where it makes perfect sense that he would sit out the events in the original trilogy, possibly without ever being aware they transpired. That’s the big picture, but in essence “Fire Carrier” is about how revenge can poison someone’s life and what it takes to come back from the worst thing you’ve ever done.”

The interview also includes cover previews, and some interior art sneak peaks, plus a hint that we’ll be hearing some big news about a new title in the next few weeks. Click here to read the full interview.

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