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Star Wars Insider 139 celebrates the 100th episode of The Clone Wars and a whole lot more.

One of the biggest features in this issue is a complete rundown of every TCW episode. From “Castle of Deception” to “Revival”, it gives a complete listing of episode numbers, production numbers, air dates, episode directors, writers, guest stars, fortune cookies, and episode synopsis. All in all it’s a lot of info.

Beyond that, there was the usual variety of articles.

  • An interview with Toby Philpott, the puppeteer for Jabba the Hutt.
  • A behind the scenes article on Smuggler’s Gambit, the audio drama that was put together at Star Wars Celebration VI, which also includes artwork by Paul Bateman and a full cast breakdown for all the voice actors.
  • Rogue Gallery for Ahsoka’s younglings from the Young Jedi Arc.
  • An interview with Edward Summer (a close associate of George Lucas) talking about comics, Flash Gordon and George Lucas.
  • A special Expanded Universe author highlight of Brian Daley, the author of the Adventures of Han Solo novels and the radio dramatizations. Personally, this article was pretty cool. It covers Daley’s first pitch for a Star Wars novel, alternate book names, a brief bio, corrections for Han Solo’s Revenge, his novel, his relationship with James Luceno, and the radio plays.
  • For original fiction, Jason Fry serves up “Speaking Silently” with artwork by Tom Hodges. The story stars Captain Rex who leads members of Torrent Company and a few Lorrdians on a rescue mission on Ereesus.
  • The lit sections gets a few comments form Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff on her and Michael Reaves upcoming novel The Last Jedi. Randy Stradley also weights in on Dark Times: Fire Carrier.
  • Finishing things off, Jason Fry gives his five favorite Star Wars cliffhangers: Star By Star, Star Wars #18, “The Last One Standing” (Tales of the Bounty Hunters), Star Wars: Clone Wars Chapter 18, and The Empire Strikes Back.
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