Power of the Force Girls: Episode 1

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Remember last year when it was announced that Lin Zy would be creating a mash-up between the Power Puff Girls and Star Wars? Well Jedi News spotted episode one out in the wild. Yes, it happened. Time to celebrate or recoil in horror…

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Monday Funny: How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

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(via HISHE)

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Aliens, Genies, and Tom Taylor

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Sohaib Awan, host of Fictional Frontiers, has a new comic series called Jinnrise. The comic takes a look at Middle Eastern culture through a story about genies (aka Jinn) and interstellar forces called the Kibrani who invade Earth. The first book is already out and the series will have a 12 issue run (as two six-issue miniseries).

Designed as an open sandbox for storytelling, comic writer Tom Taylor will be writing several of the issues. CBR has a nice interview with Sohaib covering a lot of the details. You can read it here. It looks promising.

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