White House Responds to Death Star Petition

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Death Star PetitionWho says the government doesn’t have a sense of humor?

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Star Wars #1 Reprint Available February 6

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Star Wars #1From Dark Horse:



January 11, MILWAUKIE, OR—The critically acclaimed and highly anticipated Star Wars #1, written by Brian Wood, has officially sold out of its first printing and will be going for a second run next month!

Set in the classic era with classic characters, this all-new Star Wars features artist Carlos D’Anda (Batman: Arkham City) with covers by the legendary Alex Ross.The initial print run of this smash-hit issue came complete with a download code for a free digital issue of the comic through Dark Horse Digital.

This is Star Wars as you remember it . . . and as you have never seen it before! Dark Horse is taking you back to those heady, adventure-filled days following the destruction of the Death Star—when the Empire ruled, the Rebels were on the run, and the galaxy was a dangerous place where anything might happen! While a second printing is in the works, hurry now to your local comics retailer and grab a copy from the first print run before they’re gone for good!

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Around the Web

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First up in lit news, Isaac Hooke has an interview with Daniel Abraham (one of the authors assigned to the upcoming Han Solo novel for the Rebels series). The interview covers a nice range of topics without focusing on any one book.

TOR.com has an excerpt for Hellhole: Awakening by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert which you can check out here. The excerpt includes the first chapter. Hellhole: Awakening, the second book in the trilogy, will be out on March 26, 2013.

Now for some tragic news. A Tusken Raider was injured while working on the Kenobi project. An initial investigation by John Jackson Miller revealed that the splash marks were far too accurate for regular hot chocolate, “Only Swiss Miss is so precise.” We understand that regardless of the incident, the Kenobi project is still on schedule with an estimated delivery date of late 2013. Continue Reading Around the Web…

‘Star Wars #1’ Second Printing

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Star Wars #1 is already sold out and heading for a second printing. According to Randy Stradley, the second print will feature the same cover image, but without the text.

“The second printing cover is the Alex Ross painting with no text at all. The logos, price, etc., will all be on the back cover.”

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‘The Jedi Path’ eBook

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Star Wars author Daniel Wallace posted on Facebook that The Jedi Path will soon be getting an eBook version. Dan posted an image from iTunes showing a January 15 release and a price of $12.99. Here is a link to the iTunes page.

UPDATE: Big Shiny Robot has a nice write-up on the new interactive eBook including some press screenshots of the content.

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