Examiner Interview with Paul S. Kemp

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Examiner.com posted an interview with author Paul S. Kemp discussing writing and his upcoming books. While Paul didn’t divulge any new details on his upcoming hardcover Star Wars duology, he did provide some ideas on what to expect in The Godborn.

“The Godborn” will take all of the story threads from The Erevis Cale Trilogy and The Twilight War and bring them to an explosive conclusion. One needn’t have read those previous trilogies to appreciate “The Godborn,” but those who have will possibly have a bit deeper of an experience with the story.

“The Godborn” will feature the breakneck action and (I hope) the nuanced characterization I’m know for, but thematically it’s very much the story (from lots of different angles) of the price that faith requires of believers, and, in the end, whether or not those believers are willing to pay that price.

“The Godborn” has a fairly sizeable cast, and some of the main characters (Princes Rivalen and Brennus of Shade, Drasek Riven) have featured prominently in my earlier Cale stories, while some of the main characters (Vasen Cale, son of Erevis Cale) are new.

Click here to read the full interview.

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