Comic Review: Prisoner of Bogan #2

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DotJPoB2Today sees the release of the second issue of Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan from John Ostrander and Jan Duursema. There is a lot going on on the planets of Tython, whether it’s unlocking the secrets of the forcesaber or unlocking the past on Bogan.  My wife and I take a look at the newest issue as we delve in to the secrets of the Je’daii.

Mrs Corax: Okay, so I’m incredibly excited about this issue! It has everything, action, deception, and I found out who “she” is. At the beginning of this issue, Tem Madog is trying to figure out Xesh’s forcesaber, which by the way, I find hilarious. He’s standing there talking to himself and tries everything he can think of to get it to work. He kind of reminds me of a mad scientist…

Corax: You know he kind of reminds me of a mad scientist as well. But there are also a lot of revelations within this issue as well.  The relationship between Daegan Lok and Hawk Ryo is explored more and a few things are revealed about Hawk’s past as well.  Madog turns to Shae to try and ignite the forcesaber and she can’t do it, but she does explain what the forcesaber felt like through the Force and you can definitely tell it is a Rakatan weapon.  Shockingly Hawk Ryo is the one who is able to ignite the weapon and he chalks it up to his experience with balance and by focusing on the dark side.  This is where we learn that Hawk spent time on Bogan as well.

MrsCorax: Yeah, that kind of surprised me… Ryo and three Journeyers travel to Bogan to find Xesh and Daegan Lok after a droid transmission reveals that Xesh is missing. While they are there is when we find out that Hawk Ryo spent time on Bogan. He goes in to a type of trance and starts babbling about “his” vision. Once pulled out of his trance-like state, he reveals that he shared Daegan’s vision and was sent to Bogan as well. However, in a slight twist, he reveals that he tried to ignore the vision and basically pretend like it was just temporary madness, so he could leave Bogan and come back to the Je’daii society. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky, if you ask me. I understand not wanting to spend your time on Bogan dwelling on what you know is true, but being told you’re crazy… I get that. However, as a Je’daii, aren’t you supposed to trust in the Force and not be deceitful? There’s a lot more coming to light about the Je’daii than I would have originally thought.

Corax: This is John and Jan at their best; twists, turns and revelations around every page.  I have a feeling that by the end of this arc we will know way more than we expected and will have way more questions about this entire era. But seeing this all unfold is quite a treat.  Seeing Hawk slip in to madness was thrilling and knowing that Daegan and Xesh have left Bogan ramps up the excitement tenfold.

MrsCorax: But I already have questions! It’s already killing me having to wait for the next issue every month! However, I have had one question answered… “She”, who happens to be Trill. Definitely NOT what I was expecting. It’s kind of heartbreaking to see Trill and Xesh form a bond based on both feeling helpless and unwanted. It’s really sad to see how Trill feels abandoned and betrayed by Xesh, but as an outsider looking in, you can see that Xesh offered her to Predor Skal’nas in order to save her life. Without offering her as a gift, he would have had to kill Trill for his master’s amusement. I think that Xesh will end up being a diamond-in-the-rough type of hero. I think we’ve gotten glimpses of the good in Xesh and it reminds me of how society works in our world. Sometimes we think we have someone pinned in to a roll we’re comfortable with them being in, and they do something that completely surprises us. I’d like to believe there’s good in everyone…

Corax: Oh you idealist you. I think the greater message of Star Wars has always been that there is good in everyone.  With everything that has been going on recently in the real world it’s comforting that escapism like Star Wars still exists. Thankfully we have masterful story tellers like John and Jan to help shine a little light in these dark times.  With that I’m going to wrap this up, this issue had a lot of new information with in its pages and has definitely helped to carry the story forward.  I can’t really think of anything that I didn’t like about the issue at all, great story, great art and a lot of fun to read.  We easily give this issue 5 out of 5 brass bikinis:


Reviewed by Corax and MrsCorax

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