Zach Needs Your Help

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Christmas is the season of giving. It’s a time when everyone takes a little out of their pocket to do something special for someone else. There’s no reward quite like a selfless act that brings a smile to someone’s face. On the latest episode of The ForceCast, they talked to Jason Clark, the organizer of a fundraiser called Trench Run Rebels. Trench Run Rebels has a simple mission: to help a fellow Star Wars fan named Zach.

Zach is a ten year old boy who loves Star Wars. He is a kid who has watched the films so many times that he’s already gone through several copies of the DVD’s. He is such a fan that he can recite lines from The Clone Wars. However, this happy, ten year old Star Wars fan suffers from a very rare form of Hypoparathyroidism. His body does not produce Para Thyroid Hormone which controls how his body properly distributes calcium. It’s so rare that he is currently the only one in the world with this disease. The disease is a painful one. He has suffered from numerous kidney stones, he has irreversible calcification to his kidneys, and has severe calcium deposits in his brain which have led to some developmental disabilities. He has had the disease since birth, but wasn’t diagnosed until age 7.

Up until now, the US government has been paying the bill (a whopping $80,000 a year), but the government is cutting funding for Zach’s medication in 2013. That’s why Zach needs your help.

Trench Run Rebels is working with Star Wars artists and celebrities to help raise money for Zach. You can visit the Trench Run Rebels website to see their latest charity auctions, or you can click on the links to make a direct donations. Please, take a moment to do what you can, and make sure to spread the word. The least Star Wars fans can do is help their fellow Star Wars fans.

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