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Starting off, Kathleen Kennedy told ABC News Radio that we can expect some news on Episode VII next month. “I have no immediate update, but hopefully in January I’ll have something that I can say.” Pre-production for the film is also set for Spring of next year.

In lit news, author Sean Williams has a new story out in the December issue of Cosmos Magazine entitled “The Missing Metatarsul.”

“It’s a mystery set in the future brought to the attention of two new recurring characters, PK Sargent and “Inspector” Forest, both of whom are unique in their own ways. It’s set in the same universe as Twinmaker, my first YA SF novel due November 2013.”Sean Williams

In other news, Agent of the Empire cover artist Stephane Roux went on a rampage in Paris. According to officials he declared, “I am the French Wookiee! Hear me roar!” Shortly afterwards, this picture was taken.

Not to be out done, author Paul S. Kemp has turned into a prophet of the Apocalypse and has begun prophesying the end of the world. In his latest prophecy, the end will come from the P90X workout video.

…the harmonics created by Tony [Horton]’s voice will allow his dark plot to finally reach fruition, as the earth cracks open, revealing itself to be a giant, cosmic egg, which then gives birth to some enormous, ancient, tentacled, many-eyed otherworldly evil. And as we all die, consumed by horror, Tony’s voice will ring through the dying universe: “When you end existence, YOU GOT TO BRING IT!”

This comes on top of Paul’s earlier prophecy that December 12, 2012…12-12-12…would be the end of the world.

At precisely 12:12 today, 1,212 Boom Tubes will open in major metropolitan areas across the earth, bridging Apokolips and Earth for the first time. Behold! Darkseid cometh, and so ends humankind. Me? I plan to stand before the Detroit Boom Tube as it opens, one hand offering a single finger salute, the other holding a half-eaten Quarter Pounder, all while doing my best Gangnam Style. I will die as I lived: a terrible dancer filled with rage and fatty food.

Proof that there’s something in the water, Star Wars artist Chris Trevas was also recently spotted donning a helmet in preparations for his career change into bounty hunting.

We’re fairly certain Black Sabbath could be heard in the background yelling “I Am Iron Man.”

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot. Because everyone needs some humor with their news.

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