Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers

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Star TrekCarol Marcus, John Harrison, GATT2000 and Keenser is back.  At Bad Robot headquarters J.J. Abrams revealed to invited members of the media certain spoilers for Into Darkness.

Alice Eve plays Carol Marcus.  Remember this is AU from the original, so no idea if David will happen — or anything with Kirk for that matter.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is John Harrison.  Who, you say?  Could it be a misdirection?  Trek Movie confirmed that John Harrison is the character and not a misdirect.

Joseph Gatt will play a character called GATT2000.  No idea if this is a humanoid, an android or what.

You can check out all the spoilers and speculation: the color of Chekov’s shirts, does Pike walk and Scotty’s alien pal over on Trek Movie.

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And Another New Movie Trailer: Man of Steel

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Here’s the fourth new movie trailer this week and yes, it’s still Tuesday.

(via Warner Bros)

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Eye on the Sky: Soyuz Re-Entry

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Soyuz Rentry

View from the International Space Station as Expedition 33 begins it’s decent into Earth’s atmosphere.  Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams and flight engineers Yuri Malenchenko and Aki Hoshide landed on the steppes of Kazakhstan on November 19, 2012.

(via Nasa)

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Movie Trailers: After Earth and Lone Ranger

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This seems to be the week for movie trailer releases.  Three so far and it’s only Tuesday.  First off is the international trailer for After Earth, starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden.

Our second trailer is the Johnny Depp, Armie Archer feature, Lone Ranger.  Why are we featuring a western on a scifi blog?  We’re glad you asked.  There’s a supernatural spin in this version of the movie.

(via Den of Geek and Vulture)

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Book Review: ‘Star Wars and History’

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Star Wars and History is a book that came out last month which might have slipped under the radar of many Star Wars fans. This nicely bound hardcover collects almost a dozen essays that compare the themes, characters, and places in Star Wars to their corresponding aspects in our own history. With it being the Christmas season and many individuals thinking about holiday gifts, Star Wars and History might be something you’d consider. Click here to read our full review and see if Star Wars and History is worth getting.

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