Early Look at ‘Scoundrels’

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Random House has an early preview of some of the chapters in Timothy Zahn’s upcoming novel Scoundrels. You can check it out here (just click on the image of the book for a pop up viewer). The 38 page preview includes mostly first page excerpts from the first 24 chapters. If that’s not enough to hold you over for the next three weeks, be sure to check out Zahn’s eNovella Winner Lose All, and his short story “Heist” (in the latest Star Wars Insider) which both tie-in to Scoundrels.

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LFL Gave Ewan McGregor a Head’s Up on the Disney Deal

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EwanIn an interview with the Washington Post, actor Ewan McGregor revealed that he was given a head’s up by Lucasfilm about the impending sale to Disney.  A friend at LFL contacted him the day before the Disney deal was announced, something the actor greatly appreciated.  Ewan went on to say — for about the fifth or sixth time since everyone is asking him — that he would be happy to play Obi-Wan again in the new movie.  In fact, he doesn’t want anyone else to play him.  Neither do we.

You can view the video interview on the Washington Post website.

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First Look: Oblivion Trailer

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Call me clueless.  I hadn’t even heard of this movie until this trailer release, but it did the job.  I’m interested now.

Oblivion stars Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise.

(via Deadline)

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Syfy Turns Twenty…and They’re Celebrating

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Peter Jackson On Star Wars and the Future of Middle Earth

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Peter JacksonPeter Jackson sat down with MTV and delivered some bad news for Hobbit fans.  There won’t be any more movies after There and Back Again.  While J.R.R. Tolkien apparently was fine with movies based on his works and sold the rights to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings back in the sixties, the Tolkien estate takes a dim view of of it.  Since the rest of Tolkien’s works are legally in the hands of the estate, there’s not much anyone can do about it.

Meanwhile, Jackson has nothing but praise for George Lucas and his decision to pass on his Star Wars legacy.  Jackson took the opportunity to commend Lucas by appropriately quoting Tolkien (are you listening, Tolkien estate?).

“The one thing that Tolkien said is that the wonderful thing with mythology — and George Lucas has created a mythology of his own — is that it keeps getting handed from one person to the next, and each person embellishes it and expands it,” Jackson added. “It actually keeps mythology alive, because it should be a living, breathing organic thing where it expands over time. It doesn’t just stay stagnant. So I think what George is doing with ‘Star Wars’ is terrific.”

For a video and more on this go to MTV.

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Who Shot First? Seattle Art Show

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Who shot firstThe second annual Star Wars theme art show at Seattle’s Ltd. Art Gallery opens this Thursday, December 13, with a party and what’s a Star Wars party without complimentary drinks from the Mos Eisley Cantina, and the 501st making an appearance?

Who Shot First runs until Sunday, January 27, 2013 so if you’re in or visiting Seattle, you’ll have plenty of time to get to the gallery and view all the cool Star Wars art on display.  Can’t make it to Seattle?  You can get a look at some of the art on Laughing Squid.

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Monday Funny: The Dark Knight Rises Honest Trailer

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New Release: “Winner Lose All” by Timothy Zahn

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Today the eNovella “Winner Lose All” by Timothy Zahn is out. Random House has full list of links for all participating retailers.

Lando Calrissian’s no stranger to card tournaments, but this one has a truly electrifying atmosphere. That’s because the prize is a rare sculpture worth a whopping fifty million credits. If Lando’s not careful, he’s going to go bust, especially after meeting identical twins Bink and Tavia Kitik, master thieves who have reason to believe that the sculpture is a fake. The Kitiks are beautiful, dangerous, and determined to set things right—and they’ve convinced Lando to help them expose the scam. But what they’re up against is no simple double cross, nor even a twisted triple cross. It is a full-blown power play of colossal proportions. For an unseen mastermind holds all the cards and has a fail-proof solution for every problem: murder.

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