MTV Twitter Livechat with Matt Lanter

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In case you missed it, here’s a recap of The Clone Wars’ takeover of MTV Geek yesterday with TCW voice actor Matt Lanter (#MTVCloneWars).

Matt Lanter: Ok Clone Wars Fans….Ask away!

If you could change one thing about Star Wars, what would it be?

ML: I wouldn’t! I love it.

What is your favorite part about doing Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

ML: Creating something so many people love.

If you could star in a Star Wars movie, would you take the role? Or do you prefer voiceover?

ML: Uhhh yesss!

One very good reason I should start watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

ML: Lightsabers. Boom.

Hi, what episode of The Clone Wars are you most proud of?

ML: Loved the Mortis trilogy. So unique.

Hi Matt! Has there been a season of The Clone Wars that you would consider most challenging?

ML: Maybe 1st, just getting in the swing of things?

Hi Ani. What’s your favorite scene of Star Wars?

ML: Oh how to choose?! Maybe Obi-Ani duel.

If they wanted you to play Han Solo or Luke Skywalker and you got to choose which would you choose?

ML: Han Skywalker :)

So far every time you answer me you mentioned the word boom. Coincidence? Haha.

ML: Cuz I keep laying the smack down! Boom.

Doubt I’ll get a reply, but what’s the color of Anakin’s toothbrush?

ML: Haha blue of course.

How big of a Star Wars fan were you before The Clone Wars? And how has The Clone Wars changed that?

ML: Enjoyed it, but now I’m an uber geek.

There’s been a lot of Ahsoka this season. Is there a reason behind this?

ML: Guess we’ll find out :)

Hi Matt! What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while recording?

ML: My other castmates and their wacky voices.

What’s your favorite quote from The Clone Wars?

ML: I have a bad feeling about this. Movie/CW crossover!

Tweeting you for biology class, if you tweet me I’ll ask about the science of lightsabers.

ML: I wanna know what the teach says!

Matt, are you looking forward to the new Star Wars movies that have been announced?

ML: I’m giddy like a little schoolgirl!!

How do you audition for a voiceover part?

ML: Get behind the booth and give it a go, while producers listen.

What’s your favorite and memorable moment in The Clone Wars?

ML: Love Anakin’s dark moments.

I don’t watch that show, so it means that you won’t answer questions not related to The Clone Wars? Sucks! :o(

ML: Start watching! ;)

Have you voiced anything else on The Clone Wars besides Anakin?

ML: Yes, lots!

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie and why?

ML: Revenge is so heartbreaking…also Empire.

What made you first decide you want to do The Clone Wars?

ML: It’s Star Wars.

How did you think your audition went after you did it?

ML: Uhh, I guess ok? ;)

Is there a timeline for wrapping up The Clone Wars or will the series go on for an extended period like M*A*S*H did?

ML: We really don’t know.

Is Anakin a good master to Ahsoka? Why or why not?

ML: Long explanation but good, and bad.

Are you aware that being a Jedi is quite sexy?

ML: Yes.

Is there a plan to explain Ahsoka’s fate per the Jedi purge in Star Wars Episode III?

ML: LOL, wish I could tell you.

Do you have a lightsaber of your own?! :D

ML: Yup.

My question is simply whether Obi-Wan and Satine will be seeing each other, face-to-face, once more?

ML: I sincerely can’t remember.

Why do the characters wear the same clothes all the time?

ML: Hah, threads are hard to come by.

We have Clovis coming back, I just hope it won’t be short. I miss Ani!

ML: Oh you just stay tuned!

Ok people, thanks for the great questions and for hanging out with me for the MTV Clone Wars twitter takeover. May the Force be with you.

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