The 52 Scifi Weapons Name Game

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How many can you name?

(Geekology and Blastr)

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The Clone Wars Season 5: Young Jedi Arc Review

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Six younglings enter, six Jedi return. The Young Jedi was a four part arc that introduced Star Wars fans to a colorful group of Jedi younglings. Through the arc, viewers had the opportunity to see The Clone Wars from a different perspective. Whether they decide to do a spin off on the new characters or not, the arc was a fun departure. It also gave fans a heaping helping of the wily Weequay pirate chief, Hondo Ohnaka. Continue Reading The Clone Wars Season 5: Young Jedi Arc Review…

Monday Funny: George’s Achievements Seen Through Carrie’s Lense

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In light of George’s retirement (and sale to Disney), we thought Carrie Fisher’s speech at the AFI lifetime tribute presentation to George Lucas an appropriate Monday Funny.  Enjoy Carrie at her wittiest.

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‘Trapped’ Interview with Kevin Hearne

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Trapped will be out tomorrow and we tracked down author Kevin Hearne to pick his brain about Druids, vampires and even a little Star Wars. Click here to read our interview.

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