Roffman Returns to Star Wars

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Former Lucas Licensing president, Howard Roffman, has returned to LFL at the request of incoming president, Kathleen Kennedy.  Roffman made the announcement today on the official Star Wars blog.

When Kathleen asked me if I would come back, it took me all of a nanosecond to say yes. Life at Lucasfilm had suddenly gotten vastly more interesting. I knew that we were in the midst of negotiating the Disney deal, and I believed that Disney would be the perfect home for Lucasfilm given George’s imminent intention to step away. I knew Kathleen well and was enormously excited to work with her. But, more than anything, the prospect of being involved with a new trilogy of Star Wars films made by a new generation of filmmakers was nothing short of exhilarating for me.

Several years ago, Howard worked with Disney CEO Bob Iger (then head of ABC) on the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.  As well, Howard met Kathleen Kennedy when she brought two Spielberg projects to ILM.  Those projects turned out to be Poltergeist and E.T.  Roffman refers to his return to Star Wars as a convergence in the Force.

You can read Howard Roffman’s entire blog post here on the official site.

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George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy Part 3

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Tags: , has posted the third part in a five part series featuring George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discussing Star Wars Episode VII. They mention the day George proposed handing over Star Wars to Kathy, but no new details on the upcoming films or the future of Star Wars.

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Monday Funny: The Avenger Strike Again…on SNL

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