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Former Star Wars author Kevin J. Anderson is at Disneyland, and with the recent acquisition of Star Wars by the Mouse, we can only speculate at what sort of inside deals are going on but we’re laying our bets on new ideas for super weapons for Episode VII like The Nostril of Palpatine.

Elsewhere on Facebook, author Matthew Stover gave some advice on self-defense weapons for those who are inclined. Unfortunately there was no mention of lightsabers or wrist blasters. We understand Yuuzhan Vong weapons are still fair game.

Also in the news, Star Wars Agent of the Empire artist Stéphane Roux underwent low invasive heart surgery and is doing fine. We understand that after rebuilding him the doctors stated “We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic artist. Stéphane Roux will be that artist. Better than he was before. Better…stronger…faster.”

Star Wars artist Chris Trevas posted an excerpt from the upcoming Entertainment Weekly Star Wars issue which features some of his artwork. You can check it out here. Also in art news, Brian Rood has posted all of his artwork from The Essential Reader’s Companion on his site. You may now go crazy with custom wallpapers.

In entertainment news, if you missed out on the Star Wars episode of Ink Master, you can head on over to SpikeTV and watch the full episode online. The shows contestants were challenged with painting clonetrooper helmets. Sadly, for most of contestants, the Force was not with them.

TheForce.Net has a juicy bit of news confirming that Carrie Fisher will be in the new Star Wars movies. Can you say ‘Leia shot first?’

Meanwhile Carrie went on The Talk and spoke about being Mrs. Solo.

And if you’re traveling in the downtown Los Angeles area, you may want to check for optional routes due to heavy fog and a broke down AT-AT that is causing heavy back up along the interstate. (via LOL Wall)

Stang! The battery is dead. Quick, sing the jingle ‘Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.’

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