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drewkarpyshynFANgirl Blog posted an interview with author Drew Karpyshyn covering his upcoming book The Old Republic: Annihilation.

You are known for writing Sith Lords, like Darth Bane and Revan. Your next Star Wars novel,Annihilation, features Theron Shan, who despite his Jedi lineage, is not Force sensitive. Was it challenging to write a non-Force user? Or was it easier because he is more of an Everyman?

Drew Karpyshyn: I don’t think it was easier or harder – just different. I’ve written non-Force sensitive characters before, and many of the main characters in my Mass Effect series are more “ordinary” humans. But after writing so many ultra-powerful Sith and Jedi in the Star Wars universe, it was nice to focus on something different. As a writer, it’s important to stay fresh and do different things so you don’t burn out.

Click here to read the full interview.

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