John Ostrander Weighs in on the Disney Deal

November 4, 2012 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Dark Horse, Disney | Leave a comment

John Ostrander, the writer of some of the most popular Star Wars comics such as Dark Horse: Legacy and Dawn of the Jedi, posted a column about the LFL sale over on Comix Mix today.  Among other things, John had this to say:

There has been, of course, a cacophony of reaction all over the ‘net. Them underground tubes have been humming. Some praise, some wails of distress, some outraged howls of betrayal. Among Star Wars fans there has been a lot of speculation of what Episode VII would be like. Which part of the Extended Universe (EU) would be adapted? The Thrawn Trilogy? The New Jedi Order? Legacy?

The answer: none of the above. Official response has been that it would be “an original story.” Massive disappointment among the EU faithful and fears that the new Episode VII will make hash of the post Episode VI EU. I fully expect the new film to respect EU continuity as much as George Lucas did which was – not at all.

The reason why? If you’re not a EU fan, how many of those possibilities that I named up above made any sense to you? I’m guessing “none of the above.” The fans are important but there’s not enough of them. The first new Star Wars movie in decades? A sequel, not a prequel? Disney and Lucasfilm are going to be looking for Avengers type numbers and that means it has to be accessible to the general public. Heck, they’ll want it to be accessible to those who haven’t watched a Star Wars film ever. That’s not unreasonable. That’s why Disney made the purchase in the first place.

You can read the entire column on Comix Mix, and, while John makes it clear he’s not speaking in any official capacity,  it’s worth the read.

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