‘The Clone Wars Season 5: Tipping Points’ Review

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“Tipping Points” brings the Onderon rebels resistance to a culminating point as everything is on the line. But will the rebels be able to break free from King Rash and the Separatists?

Skuldren: Once again this episode was visually impressive, but the story was also top notch with nice emotional hooks. Pushing the boundaries of what they can do on the screen, The Clone Wars‘ team is doing a good job of raising the bar.

Skuldren: While we only got to see a little bit of Hondo, it was nicely done. First off, the Jedi’s use of him was perfect. His role has slowly been building over the years and it makes a lot of sense that the Jedi would turn to him. Secondly, they didn’t over use him. Keeping in character, he did the job he was paid for and quickly got out before a battle could entangle him. His appearance here also tied in nicely with the season opener, “Revival.”

From another standpoint, Hondo served a nice representative of the underlying rebellion theme. Dave Filoni has stated that the Onderon arc illustrates how the rebellion in the original trilogy is born. All across the galaxy, small groups of rebels would form to combat the Separatists. When the war ends, these groups would disband, but the initial work would already be completed. It would only take a leader, or group of leaders, to unite the various rebel groups into an alliance to combat the new threat of the Galactic Empire. Like the rebellion, the Onderon rebels received help from an unlikely albeit extremely useful source: criminals. Hondo may be a pirate and a smuggler, but for the right price, he can be a useful ally.

Synlah: This last episode of the arc started out well.  Instead of a battle in the capitol, Ahsoka sneaks in a holo message from the deposed king to the populace, and broadcasts it.  The people rally behind their true king, and attack battle droids.  Rash’s power is crumbling around him, because if you don’t have the compliance of the people, you have nothing.  The bad guy reaction is to obliterate the rebels which he and his creepy general proceed to attempt.  Somewhere in all this, Ahsoka begs Anakin and Obi-Wan to send troops to help the Rebels, and in Obi-Wan’s answer, I finally understand why the Jedi and Republic hands are tied here.  They cannot overthrow a lawful government — it really would make them no better than Dooku and the Separatists, but if the government changes, well that’s an entirely different matter.  However, when you can’t enter through the front door, there’s always the back door.  Enter Hondo (briefly), and it’s a great, spot-on, quick but essential appearance.  He delivers the goods the rebels need to overcome the odds.

The rebels do end up winning the day because Dooku decides to cut his losses and remove his troops to Agamar.  With things already lost on Onderon, Dooku ties up loose ends by having his creepy general assassinate Rash.  Interesting development there.  However, it makes sense as I doubt Dooku wants Rash in Republic/Jedi hands spilling his guts.

Unfortunately, winning the day comes at a high cost.  Steela is killed while ensuring that King Dendup survives the Separatist attack.  But her sacrifice becomes a powerful symbol to the Onderon people.  Her death really is well done.  It wasn’t cheapened by having Saw or Lux go all angry and vengeful. Lux takes his mother’s place, and vows to bring Onderon into the Republic, while Saw recognizes and honors the greatness of his sister.

Skuldren: In the end, I like how the Onderon arc turned out. It laid down some subtle groundwork for a possible seed for the Rebel Alliance, and more importantly put the focus back on Ahsoka. Not only did we get to see her in action and showing her maturity as a Jedi, but it also created some strong emotional content for her character to deal with in future episodes. How will Ahsoka deal with the death of Steela? How will working with the Onderon rebels affect her in future encounters with rebels elsewhere? What will happen with her relationship with Lux? And how will all of this affect her attachments? I could see Ahsoka becoming more distant due to her closeness to Steela and Lux and with how badly things turned out between them. Yet I could also see her handling these things in stride and growing from them. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out, and I think the Onderon arc provided plenty of material to help Ahsoka’s character grow even more.

We give Tipping Points a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren and Synlah for Roqoo Depot.

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