More Star Wars Essential Characters

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Del Rey has posted a preview of some more artwork from the upcoming Star Wars: The Essential Characters.

Click here to check them out full size.

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‘Annihilation’ Preview

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Random House has a preview of Drew Karpyshyn’s The Old Republic: Annihilation available on their website (just click on the book cover to launch the preview). The 27 page preview includes the dramatis personae and the first page for the first 13 chapters and the prologue. Annihilation will be out in hardcover, digital, and audio formats on November 13th. Having already read an advanced copy, I can tell you that his is fun book and definitely worth checking out.

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Tags: , posted an interview with The Clone Wars voice actress Dawn-Lyen Gardner, the voice of Steela Gerrera. She speaks about getting the part, working with the cast, and being the character. At the same time, there is a sensitivity to Steela, in how she interacts with her brother, and her clear attraction to Lux. As an actor, how do you go about balancing those two sides to a character?

Dawn-Lyen Gardner: That is the part of the work that excites me the most. It’s why I chose to be an actor. Both parts exist in her and are totally true to her; one side is this strong, valiant, courageous woman, and the other is this vulnerable, sensitive, romantic girl. I think that’s human, and it’s what makes for great heroes — the two sides don’t cancel each other out, they inform each other. She is courageous enough to show her vulnerability, and yet compassionate enough to take action for her people.

Click here to read the full interview.

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