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Inside this edition of Star Wars Insider magazine you’ll find…

  • A recap of the announcements from Star Wars Celebration VI concerning Star Wars Detours and a bit of new info including the cast.

Zachary Levi – Biff Tarkin (Grand Moff Tarkin’s son)
Breckin Meyer – Stormtrooper ‘Super Ace’
Donald Faison – Stormtrooper ‘Killer’
Dee Bradley Baker – multiple characters including Sergeant Basher (a grizzled clone trooper veteran who disapproves of modern stormtroopers)
Seth Green – multiple characters including Salacious Crumb

As well as Abraham Benrubi, Cree Summers, Nat Faxon, Grey DeLisle, Felecia Day, Weird Al Yankovic, and George Lucas.

  • TCW coverage includes comments from Sam Witwer, Dave Filoni, Ashley Eckstein and Joel Aron. Plus upcoming titles of The Clone Wars Season 5.

Episode 9: Secret Weapons
Episode 10: A Sunny Day In The Void
Episode 11: Missing In Action
Episode 12: Point of No Return
Episode 13: Eminence
Episode 14: Shades of Reason
Episode 15: The Lawless

  • Interviews with Ryan Hall (paper toy maker featured in Rancho Obi-Wan), Mark Hamill (vintage interview from January 1977), Dennis Muren (Industrial Light & Magic), and Pablo Hidalgo (covering The Essential Reader’s Companion).
  • Results of the Star Wars Insider Awards including Favorite Novels 2011/2012 (Darth Plagueis 28.7%, Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary Edition 19.5%, Fate of the Jedi series 13.5%, The Old Republic series 10.2%, and Choices of One 9%) and Favorite Comic Book Storyline 2011/2012 (Legacy 18.8%, Blood Ties, Knights of the Old Republic 13.4%, The Old Republic 12.9%, Dawn of the Jedi 7.3%).
  • Rogues Gallery for The Last Stand of the Jedi featuring the Jedi who died during the assault on the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith.
  • Article featuring connections between the Indiana Jones and Star Wars films.
  • New original fiction “The Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcom” by Alexander Freed and illustrated by David Rabbitte. The story takes place on Kalandis Seven and shows a little bit of what Jace was like during his last days of field operations as a SpecForces adviser.
  • A rundown of new releases including upcoming titles.

The Ultimate Action Figure Collection by Steve Sansweet (November 1)
The Old Republic: Annihilation by Drew Karpyshyn (November 13)
Star Wars and History by Nancy R. Reagin and Janice Liedl (November 20)

  • A highlight of Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #1. Writer John Ostrander said to “expect pirates” and that he’s already working on the storyline for the next arc.
  • The issue ended with Red Five, a feature covering five Star Wars comic book characters and written by Star Wars artist Joe Corroney. Joe gave a shout out to Asajj Ventress, Valance teh Hunter, Aayla Secura, Quinlan Voss, Lumiya, and an honorable mention to Kai Justiss.
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