Interview with Andrew Kishino

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Tags: posted an interview with The Clone Wars voice actor Andrew Kishino. Andrew is the voice of Saw Gerrera, the Onderon rebel, and he get’s pretty passionate in his interview as he recounts his own fandom and what being a part of The Clone Wars means to him. When I was watching the episodes, I felt that in many ways, they were really reminiscent of the classic Star Wars films. This is one of the first times in a prequel-era story that you’re seeing the good guys as the underdogs, because it is a rebellion. I was wondering if you were aware of that and you felt the connection to the classic films when you were recording.

Andrew Kishino: I hear what you’re saying. It’s funny; now that you bring it up, that illuminates something that I think was rolling around in my head as I was watching it. The classic films were heavy on character development and myth. There was a ton of action, but there was a lot of [character development] just for functional reasons because you were being introduced to them. And this sort of had that same feel to it, because it felt like you were at the genesis of the Rebel Alliance. This is the archetype from which these things are going to spring forth. So you’re going to see very mythological conflicts and relationships that will have a lasting impact and influence on the way these things disseminate in the future. So yeah, very much so. That’s a good point.

Click here to read the full interview.

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